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Pain Management

Chronic pain is a common experience in Australia: about one-third of people experience chronic pain, and for some, pain is constant and intense. Chronic pain can impact on all areas of life, and can place strains on families.

There are many ways to manage pain effective including using medication, having physical therapies such as chiropractic and physiotherapy, and psychological counselling. We understand that often, for individuals with chronic pain, their emotional responses and experiences can either increase or decrease the experience of pain.

Having good coping skills can help people with chronic pain to get the most out of their life. Psychological support such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) can help you develop more adaptive ways of thinking about pain and the impact on your life, and help you to manage pain better, for a more happier life.

How we can help with your pain

Life Resolutions Doncaster will help by teaching you more effective ways to understand pain, reduce anxiety, and develop positive coping skills to learn to live with pain and continue with other parts of your life.

Contact our Client Services Team on 1300 668 256 to book an appointment so you can learn how to better manage your pain.

Chronic Pain Signs and Symptoms

There are many different signs and symptoms of chronic pain that may be affecting your daily life. These include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Ongoing discomfort, tightness, stiffness, and soreness.
  • Pain which may be accompanied by a burning, electrical, aching, or shooting sensation.
  • Pain that doesn’t go away long after an injury has faded

Chronic pain can be depressing for many people, and without help it can lead to a lower quality of life for many. This is where we want to help you gain back control over your life again.

How We Can Help You

We don’t like to see anyone in pain, that’s why we’re here to help you manage your pain as much as possible through mental support. Managing pain is not that easy. It’s a process of first learning how to cope and accept it, especially if you’re already afflicted with chronic diseases.

At Life Resolutions, our team of caring and supporting psychologists will teach you techniques and treatments that will help relax and clear your mind to help your body to function and cope better with the pain. Throughout treatment, your mind will then be able to send more positive signals which can help you to function and manage your pain in a more productive way.

Get The Support You Need

You don’t have to deal with your pain alone. There are many treatments and support options for you that could provide amazing results in overall pain management. With our help, here at Life Resolutions Doncaster, we’re committed to helping you cope and manage your pain more effectively. Whether you have ongoing pain or sporadic pain, we can help you manage better during this difficult time. Call us today to book your next appointment and allow your future to be a better one. Call Now!

Understanding Pain In Less Than 5 Minutes & What To Do About It!

This is a great, easy to follow video about chronic pain. It helps you understand what current research has been saying about chronic pain – thats its not a joint or muscle problem, rather a ‘re-wiring’ of the brain perception of itself. In other words, the brain has become more sensitive than before. The best way to tackle chronic pain, is to better understand what changes have happened with the brain, which can be done with professional counselling services at Life Resolutions Doncaster. Our psychologists at Life Resolutions Doncaster work in collaboration with doctors and allied health professionals such as physios, chiros and osteos for example to ensure best practices are available for the best pain management services. This is done via a range of collaborative techniques through evidence based Psych Ed, CBT & Motivational Interviewing. To make an appointment at Life Resolutions Doncaster goto: Contact Us

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Where is Our Pain Management Service Located?

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