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The team at Life Resolutions use a variety of therapies to help clients based on their individual goals and needs. Some of the common therapies used include:

  • Psychoanalysis
  • Psychotherapy
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Solution Focused Therapy

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Medicare rebates are available for clients who are under the ‘Better Access to Mental Health Care’ Government initiative. Your level of private health cover will dictate the rebate amount you will get back. You will need to check your policy for details.

At Life Resolutions we know you aren’t made of money. We provide competitive, affordable and reasonable fees for both our group and individual counselling sessions.

For those on a concession card or who is a pensioner, you may be eligible for discounts. Medicare rebates are also available.

Your closest practice is open on weekdays and Saturdays, with late appointments available on weeknights. Hours are 8am-9pm from Monday to Friday and 9am-6pm on Saturdays.

The number of sessions that’s required to help with your situation will depend on the problem you’re experiencing and the goals you’re looking to achieve.

Some people may only require 2 to 4 sessions. Others may require an ongoing and more intensive session that requires long term and ongoing support.

At the beginning of your appointment you will be asked general questions. These questions may include why you have come today and what may be troubling you.

Throughout the session they may ask you about your life to help gauge a better understanding of your situation and to help you start a treatment program.

At the end of your session, you will be given an overview of whether you require more sessions. You will also be given an idea of what you can expect in these sessions and any steps that you need to take to a brighter future.

Psychologists are mental health care professionals who study and research the science of human behaviour. Their findings are applied to help patients reduce stress and negative conditions, improve their thinking patterns and habits, and boost self-awareness.

At Life Resolutions, we require high educational standards of our psychologists. All our psychologists have a minimum 4 years’ university education, as well as two years’ graduate education and/or two years’ work experience under the supervision of a registered psychologist. Some of our staff hold special titles such as Clinical Psychologist or Sports Psychologist; these people have completed a minimum of six years’ tertiary education, often including a research PhD.

Professional psychologists have training in a variety of different therapies and treatment methods, which allows them to customise their approach to each individual patient depending on his or her needs and goals.

Unlike psychiatrists, psychologists use non-drug treatments (they do not prescribe medications). However, where appropriate, they can work with other medical professionals including general practitioners, who can prescribe medication as part of a complete treatment plan.

Yes, 100% confidential. The team at Life Resolutions won’t discuss any of your private details with anyone, not even with our other psychologists. We would only do this if we have permission from you directly.

Anything that is shared in your sessions are used for the purpose of diagnosing, assessing and providing the right level of support you need.

It’s important to note however, that while our services are 100% confidential, due to the Psychology Board of Australia’s Code of Ethics, we do have limitations.

For example, if a client’s file is subpoenaed by the court, or if a person is at serious risk of harming themselves or those in the public, we must act with the law and the safety of the client and those around them.

Yes. Counselling can help those who need additional guidance, help and improvement in their life. It can help you make positive changes to difficult or challenging areas in your life.

A psychologist will be able to help you mentally and emotionally build up better coping mechanisms. They will also give you the techniques and tools to use to help you work through this difficult time in your life.

Yes, we can. Our Melbourne CBD practitioners can prepare reports for court proceedings, WorkCover, TAC and any other purposes as required.

Please note however that additional costs will incur if this service is required in addition to the consultation fee.

Before the report is written up, you will be given a quoted fee that is required to be paid before you’ll receive the finished report.

A psychologist is a professional practitioner in the field of mental health care. They generally research and study the science of human behaviour.

Based upon their overall findings after assessing the client, they then apply their findings and knowledge to help clients in many ways. Some ways they help include:

  • Reducing negative conditions and stress
  • Improving positive habits
  • Improve thinking patterns
  • Boosting overall self-awareness.

The Life Resolution team of psychologists all have a minimum of 4 years’ university education. They must also have two years of graduate education and work experience under a registered psychologist.

Our team member’s that hold special titles such as Sports Psychologists or Clinical Psychologists have completed a minimum of 6 years of tertiary education which includes a research PhD.

Psychologists aren’t like psychiatrists. Psychologists don’t prescribe medications and use only non-drug treatments.

In special cases psychologists can work alongside doctors and other medical professionals to help prescribe specific medication to help with a complete treatment plan.

The Melbourne CBD practice is open six days a week. Mon-Fri at 8am to 9pm and 9am -6pm on Saturdays. If you need more information call us on 1300 668 256.

You can claim your Medicare rebate on the day, however you will need your Medicare registered bank details.

Certain Life Resolution Practices can offer HICAPS claims so you will have the ability to get your private health rebate on the day.

If you prefer a HICAPS supported practice, contact us to find your closet one.