What is a psychologist?

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Psychologists are mental health care professionals who study and research the science of human behaviour. Their findings are applied to help patients reduce stress and negative conditions, improve their thinking patterns and habits, and boost self-awareness.

At Life Resolutions, we require high educational standards of our psychologists. All our psychologists have a minimum 4 years’ university education, as well as two years’ graduate education and/or two years’ work experience under the supervision of a registered psychologist. Some of our staff hold special titles such as Clinical Psychologist or Sports Psychologist; these people have completed a minimum of six years’ tertiary education, often including a research PhD.

Professional psychologists have training in a variety of different therapies and treatment methods, which allows them to customise their approach to each individual patient depending on his or her needs and goals.

Unlike psychiatrists, psychologists use non-drug treatments (they do not prescribe medications). However, where appropriate, they can work with other medical professionals including general practitioners, who can prescribe medication as part of a complete treatment plan.