What is the definition of ‘counselling’?

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A psychologist is a professional practitioner in the field of mental health care. They generally research and study the science of human behaviour.

Based upon their overall findings after assessing the client, they then apply their findings and knowledge to help clients in many ways. Some ways they help include:

  • Reducing negative conditions and stress
  • Improving positive habits
  • Improve thinking patterns
  • Boosting overall self-awareness.

The Life Resolution team of psychologists all have a minimum of 4 years’ university education. They must also have two years of graduate education and work experience under a registered psychologist.

Our team member’s that hold special titles such as Sports Psychologists or Clinical Psychologists have completed a minimum of 6 years of tertiary education which includes a research PhD.

Psychologists aren’t like psychiatrists. Psychologists don’t prescribe medications and use only non-drug treatments.

In special cases psychologists can work alongside doctors and other medical professionals to help prescribe specific medication to help with a complete treatment plan.