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“I’m fine” 3 signs of hidden depression

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For those unfamiliar with depression, it can be easy to assume certain notions about this particular mental condition. Many suppose it has a ‘look’: that depression is sadness, wearing dark colours, brooding, constant crying. . .  Surely someone who looks happy laughs freely and is cheerful around other people couldn’t possibly be depressed!? However, depression is a complicated condition. Accurately understanding its warning signs forms the basis of treatment and the path to recovery.

Many who suffer from depression have mastered the art of hiding their inner condition, going through life wearing ‘happy faces’ while suppressing their unwanted feelings. This can lead to ongoing misery and even disastrous consequences. Identifying the hidden depression is very important when helping a friend suffering in silence. The following warning signs may help you to identify this.

1) Change in appetite

A person suffering from depression may take to excessive eating in order to feel full, which, to them, may feel like filling the void within themselves. On the other hand, some exhibit a loss of appetite altogether, losing all interest in nourishing themselves. This can stem from feelings of helplessness, where the person derives no joy from eating and sees little point in the action.

2) Change in sleep pattern

A regular sleep pattern is the cornerstone of good physical and mental health. A person who suddenly takes to sleeping for long hours, particularly during the day, maybe suffering from hidden depression. At the other extreme, insomnia can be an outward sign of depression, where a person has a lot of difficulties falling asleep at night due to the negative thoughts and emotions they are experiencing.

3) Always making excuses

For a person constantly wearing a mask and pretending happiness, interacting with others can be exhausting. This is why those suffering from depression tend to shy away from a lot of social interaction. If you notice that someone who was once outgoing and sociable is now always ready with an excuse to get away from a social gathering, they may be harbouring feelings of depression.

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