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How to get help with mental health – because we all want you to have your mental health

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Mental Health Counselling 

There are many ways to get help with mental health and you need to know that, as a nation, Australia wants you to have your mental health.

A network of services provides help in many ways, from telephone helplines to residential programs.

Psychologists in private practice such as Life Resolutions Doncaster are a central part of this network, and probably the most common way to get help with mental health is to consult a psychologist in private practice.

Life Resolutions Doncaster 

Life Resolutions Doncaster provides stress counselling, anxiety management, depression counselling, and other psychological services.

Many people who consult a psychologist get a Mental Health Treatment Plan from a doctor. This allows them to get taxpayer money via Medicare to help pay the consultation fees.

Getting a care plan has other benefits, including that the doctor makes a diagnosis and recommends a psychologist if you haven’t already chosen one. You are in no way obliged to have a care plan or any sort of referral to see a psychologist.

How to get help with mental health

mental health counselling





Psychologists price their services anywhere from the Medicare bulk billing rate (zero cost to you) to the industry recommended fee of $251 a consultation and more.

A care plan generally helps with fees for up to 10 consultations in a calendar year. Ten consultations is not a number based on international recommendations or comprehensive research by social scientists – it is simply what the government chose to budget for.

If you have private health cover, you can phone your insurance company and ask what rebate they give for psychological consultation and what rules apply.

For more information, please feel free to call our friendly Client Services Centre staff on 1300 668 256, mention this article, and have a chat, because here at Life Resolutions Doncaster we care about your mental health.

Most people think about getting psychological help for a while and do some research. But once you decide, you probably want to get started quickly. Our psychologists at Life Resolutions Doncaster won’t keep you waiting – we always reserve some appointments for new clients.

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