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Self esteem and Confidence

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Imagine you’re going for your dream job. You walk into the interview room and realise it is a group interview. Your heart sinks. You’ve been working towards this position your whole career. You are exceptionally trained for the role, but you actually don’t realise that.

You sit down, feeling shy and self-conscious. You start to compare yourself to your competitors, thinking up reasons why they’re better than you. You tell yourself you don’t stand a chance now.

The interview begins and questions are thrown around the room. But you’re too scared to answer out of turn, and when you speak your voice is shaky and lacks confidence. You think you know the answers, but what if you’re wrong? What will everyone think of you? The interview ends, and you walk out silently, feeling the dread of the lost role in your heart.

Does this scenario sound familiar to you? Does it sound like something that you could experience?

At Life Resolutions we believe that no one should be held back from achieving their dreams due to low self-esteem and confidence . . . or even from simply enjoying day-to-day life . . .

It is extremely common for people to suffer from problems with self esteem. However, with psychological counselling, such conditions can be improved and even overcome. Life Resolutions Doncaster can offer sensitive counselling that can help you or your loved ones tackle low self-esteem. We can provide strategies to build a happier, more secure future where confidence and positive feelings are dominant.

Are you ready to feel confident in yourself and your abilities? It’s time to take life by the horns. It is possible to stand up for what you believe and to start being unapologetically you!

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