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There is hope, even when your brain tells you there isn’t.

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Depression affects more than a million Australians every year. Someone dealing with depression finds this common mental illness both exhausting and debilitating. Depression often is made worse by external events, resulting in a deep and desperate sadness which impacts the person’s ability to resolve or even deal with it. Depression is not reserved for a

Worrying does not take away tomorrow’s problems, it takes away today’s peace

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Your response to stress is a very personal one. Although there often are similarities, no one else will have quite the same stress response or stress effects. A stress response is linked to the fight-flight-freeze response which the brain activates when you believe something is a threat to your self-preservation. When you attend stress counselling

How to get help with mental health – because we all want you to have your mental health

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Mental Health Counselling  There are many ways to get help with mental health and you need to know that, as a nation, Australia wants you to have your mental health. A network of services provides help in many ways, from telephone helplines to residential programs. Psychologists in private practice such as Life Resolutions Doncaster are