Issues we help with

Your Local Psychologist

  • We are a team of male and female psychologists and counsellors. We provide counselling to adults, children, couples and families.
  • We work effectively with our clients and the issues they present. We can assist them to meet the challenges in their lives and improve the quality of their relationships.
  • We network with health and other health-related professionals, to provide a holistic approach to the best care and well-being of our clients. We can conduct assessment and reports for the court, TAC, work cover, Immigration, and so on.
  • We provide specialist training programs and critical incidents response to organisations, companies and schools locally, state wide and at a national level. Our practice which started in 1993, has been continuously growing and has recently expanded to be included within the Life Resolutions National Network.


How we can help

We are a team of highly experienced psychologists and counsellors who can provide counselling and therapy to adult, children, couples and families. We believe that we can benefit from counselling, as we all go through difficult times at some points in our lives. We find most rewarding to be able to assist you through these challenges in your lives as well as guide you and empower you to work towards your personal and professional goals.

As therapists, we work collaboratively with you as our clients to assist with any changes or challenges in your life. We can coach you in working towards achieving your goals in life and at work. Seeing small changes and improvement in one’s life is most rewarding for both the client and the therapist.

In our team, we have been providing psychological and counselling services since 1993 in the areas of Hawthorn, Northcote, and East Melbourne. Collectively we have over 50 years of experience in dealing with complex issues, relationship and family issues, traumatic experiences and work-related issues.

Recently we have joined the Life Resolutions National Network and continue to collaborate with organizations and local companies to provide the best care in the community. We liaise with lawyers, doctors, psychiatrists, school counsellors, rehabilitation providers and other health professional to provide quality and holistic care for our clients.Research has shown that the most beneficial tool for therapeutic progress is the relationship between client and therapist. Here in our practice, we highly value the therapeutic process between client and therapist.

Beyond the Therapy Session

We can assist with legal matters and conduct assessments and reports for the court in relation to Work Cover, Transport Accident Commission (TAC), Victims of Crime, Immigration Reports and so on.We have qualified Mediators in our practice and can provide Mediation for your workplace or personal issues. Sometimes small matters escalate in huge legal matters which can cost all parties a large sum. Mediation is often a better solution and far more cost effective.

Employee Assistance Program

We provide specialized work to organizations and companies in relation to Critical Incidents, Debriefing, and individualized counselling to employees and their families. We can also provide company-specific training programs and workshops to enhance staff collaboration, increase productivity, and reduce absenteeism.

Specialised Programs

We can work with the schools’ staff, students and their families in developing specialized workshops addressing various issues including bullying, mindfulness, resilience, social and emotional development.

Where are we?

We are conveniently located at 514 Victoria Parade, East Melbourne. Please call 1300 668 256 to book an appointment.