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When we talk of mental health issues, we sometimes can’t help but get the feeling of hesitation whenever we consider the option of talking to family, friends, and peers about what we’re going through. Unfortunately, this is because of fear that we associate with judgment and stigma that sometimes gets attached with these concerns. Here at Life Resolutions East Melbourne, we seek to provide an atmosphere that not only is welcoming and safe, but is a space that can make you feel comfortable enough to share your concerns. Our psychologists will also try to solve these problems with you thanks to techniques, methods, and strategies specifically tailored to your needs.

Our client-based approach caters to clients from all walks of life, be it individuals, couples, families, and even companies. We understand that mental health issues can affect everyone across all ages, genders, social status, and other parts of life. As such, we strive to ensure our therapy methods are not only suited for our clients needs, but if you become one of our clients, we also strive to make sure our methods can help you fulfill your plans as well.

We know that therapy takes time, and sometimes we have different objectives and results we wish to have after undergoing a few sessions. Our psychologists understand this, and we strive to create a plan that best suits your short-term and long-term needs. With Life Resolutions East Melbourne, you can be sure that we’ve got your back.

Our desire to help our client stems from a passion and drive to make a change in the community. This passion has been integrated into our client-based approach, which continues to drive our philosophy to this day. We take pride in the services we provide to our clients, and we have provided more than a decades’ worth of counselling and therapy to a wide variety of clients.

Our team here at Life Resolutions East Melbourne started in 1993, and we are still growing. The team of psychologists we have here are well-equipped to give counsel to families, children, and couples on various issues in their lives. We aim to assist them, and hopefully you, to be able to meet the concerns they face head on and give them the skills to make a change in their life. Our network of health-related professionals aim to provide a holistic approach towards the well-being and care of our clients.

In addition, we can provide special training programs and incident response assessment to schools, companies, and organisations on both statewide and on a national level.

Our team here at Life Resolutions East Melbourne has been giving counselling and psychological services since 1993 in East Melbourne, Hawthorn, and Northcote. Overall, all our branches have accumulated over half a century’s worth of experience in dealing with a wide variety of issues related to the self, family, friends, and work.

We have just become a part of the Life Resolutions National Network, and we continue to coordinate with a lot of companies and organisations to provide support in the community. Our team also reaches out to lawyers, doctors, counsellors, and other healthcare professionals so we are capable of providing the best quality and care to clients.

This helped our team of psychologists to have the experience, training, and skill-set they need to be able to accommodate your needs. Their continuous training and experience with our clients can hopefully provide you with an extra layer of assurance that our methods will cater to your needs, and could help you take the first step towards a more fulfilling life.

In fact, studies have shown that a growing relationship between the therapist and the client has become a positive tool for therapy. Our client-based approach allows our psychologists to foster a healthy relationship with our clients as we believe cooperation and trust can greatly help when it comes to examining situations and creating solutions to those problems.

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Life Resolutions East Melbourne consists of experienced and trained counsellors and psychologists who can give you various options in therapy and counselling support to adults, couples, families, and children alike. We know that counselling will be capable of helping anyone especially as we are going through trying times at some points in our lives.

As such, we also understand how sometimes these problems can feel too overwhelming for us to face, and feelings of hopelessness can be felt in some moments in our lives. Hopefully, with Life Resolutions, we can at least help you see that you have the power and the strength to walk towards a brighter and more fulfilling life. We will try our best to make sure you see this inner strength through our methods.

Given our nature as therapists, we work and coordinate with you on your issues. We can provide coaching to work towards your various goals in work and in life. It is especially fulfilling for both us as therapists and our clients to see improvements in their lives.

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Beyond Therapy: Our psychologists are also capable of assessing and creating TACs, Work Cover reports, Immigration, court resolutions, and other forms of reports. We also have trained mediators who can provide efficient mediation practices for both personal issues and workplace matters. It is understandable that in some instances, small matters can become extremely huge legalistic matters, which can hurt all parties involved.

Employee Assistance Program: We can provide specialised work for various organisations and companies that are related to Debriefing, Critical Incidents, and individualised therapy to staff and their relatives. We also provide training sessions, workshops, and programs to companies to enhance teamwork and increase productivity.

Specialised Programs: We are also capable of working with staff of various schools and students to create special workshops that address issues in school including mindfulness, emotional and social development, resilience, and bullying.

We are conveniently located at 514 Victoria Parade, East Melbourne. You can book appointments with us during weekdays, evenings, and weekends.

You can reach us at 1300 668 256 to book your appointment.