Feeling anxious is something that’s normal for everyone – you can experience this if you’re preparing for an exam, or if you’re rehearsing for a play, or if you’re about to have a presentation, among other things. These feelings normally dissipate after the “triggering” event, but sometimes anxiety can stay for much longer periods of time. If you feel as though your feelings of anxiousness have become too much to overcome, then perhaps you may have an anxiety problem that’s in need of managing. The best first step to overcome this is to learn about anxiety.

What is Anxiety?

When we say anxiety, it can refer to a lot of mental conditions that may cause worry, apprehension, fear, and nervousness. As such, these conditions can actually affect the way we behave and feel, and may even cause physical symptoms. Anxiety conditions can range from mild, which can often be unsettling and vague, to severe, which can make a huge impact to the way our lives are lived.

Given that anxiety disorders range from mild and severe, it’s important to know just what the difference between an anxiety disorder and normal anxiety is.

Anxiety: A Brief Background

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that feelings of anxiety aren’t just normal, but also essential to survival. This is because worrying and potentially-harmful triggers also exist even in the days of prehistoric man. When predators and incoming dangers approach, our body sets off alarms and allow our inner prehistoric man to take action. Increased sensitivity, sweating, and raised heartbeats are often signs that danger is coming.

When danger arrives, this rush of adrenaline often results to the “fight or flight” response, which prepared humans back in the day to either confront the threat or flee the threat to safety.

This “instinct” has actually stayed with modern individuals, despite the fact that there are less predators to be concerned with. Now, these feelings are now found in things such as health, family life, money, work, and things that demand someone’s attention, without necessarily needing the boost in adrenaline.

This helps explain feelings such as nervousness during difficult situations and life events, as this echoes the original need to survive from threats and predators. When one is anxious to avoid being hit by a truck, the instinct is to look on both sides of the street.

Regular anxiety becomes an anxiety disorder, however, if the severity or duration of an anxious feeling has actually become a bit out of proportion compared to the stressor or trigger. For instance, if your anxiety has started to affect your ability to function at work, school or in your relationships then you may want to seek professional assistance to help get your anxiety under control.

Life Resolutions: Dealing With Anxiety

Here at Life Resolutions, we understand that sometimes anxiety is more than “just” experiencing moments of helplessness and loss of control over situations that we feel can harm us. Sometimes, anxiety can take a genuine toll on our lives, and it can feel overwhelming to overcome. Our team of psychologists understand this kind of hardship and we are more than willing to help you overcome these woes with our various therapy options.

If you feel as though your anxiety concerns are becoming too much to bear, please don’t hesitate reaching out to a licensed mental health care institution such as Life Resolutions. Our team has a wide variety of treatment, therapy methods and techniques that can help you manage your anxiety to have a better and brighter life. Call to book your appointment today!

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