Career and Executive Coaching

At Life Resolutions Essendon West, we are passionate about helping our clients with their career development.

Whether you are:

  • considering or have begun a career change
  • are considering beginning study
  • concluding study and want to know what is next (including school leavers and graduates)
  • feeling bored, uninspired and stagnant at work
  • an Executive with specific goals in mind

Our Consultants can help you to assess the options, to find the information you need and to start moving towards your goals. We help you identify the actions you can take to get to where you want to be.

What is Career Coaching?

Career Coaching includes a diverse range of services focused on helping you to set and achieve your career goals. We have the knowledge, skills, experience and resources to help you.

If you were to ask what a Financial Planner does the answer would be similar, eg. helping you with financial strategies for Super, savings, mortgages, budgeting, long term financial planning etc., the whole picture.

Career Coaching often involves filling out some assessment questionnaires, so that we have a good understanding of your vocational interests, strengths and compatibilities, talking through your goals with one of our Consultants, and building a suite of strategies, information and resources tailored to you.

Career Coaching services are sometimes available through your employer’s EAP service as well.

What if I don’t know what my goals are?

Often, our clients have not yet worked out they want to do with their careers and are feeling confused about how to move forward.

You don’t need to have specific goals for us to help and support you, often the goal of Career Coaching is a better understanding of yourself and what your career should look like to make you happy, healthy and productive.

Get in Touch with us today to find out more about Career Coaching, and feel free to check out Our Team. You can even email your Resume through before your appointment, as us how.

Vocational Testing

Vocational assessments can be needed for a specific purpose (such as gaining entry into a course, workplace or rehabilitation reasons, or as part of job-seeking) or just to gain a better understanding about our career interests and work-related abilities.

Being tested is easy and normally involves pen and paper forms and a discussion with a Consultant. It is important to make sure you allow enough time to complete the assessment on the day so talk with your Consultant prior to your booking understand how long you’ll need to be at our offices.

Vocational testing can provide results about the following:

  • Career interests and suitability
  • Identifying your values and the best fit for you
  • Identifying specific suitable roles/jobs
  • Ability and aptitude testing to understand your strengths and weaknesses
  • Identifying and assessing any medical or other barriers that might make it difficult to work and providing you with honest feedback
  • Job market analysis to make your efforts to find work more effective
  • Help to establish a direction based on your responses and what you want to do for work

Having some solid and concrete information about you and work can really help when you are feeling confused or dealing with roadblocks (barriers to function and happiness at work), and vocational assessments are aimed at helping clear up the confusion. The results will provide specific recommendations about what suits you.

If you would like a vocational assessment, Get In Touch with us today to find out more.

Where is Our Career and Executive Coaching Service Located?

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