Family Counselling

Families today are complex and keeping family relationships on track is not always easy.

Events such as separation, divorce and re-marriage can present particular challenges to the family unit. A range of issues can develop around new living arrangements, the introduction of new partners, financial adjustments and caring for children.

While these kind of events are a common reason for seeking counselling, cohesive and functional family units can also need some help from time to time.

Psychologists specialising in family counselling work specifically with families to increase effective communication and maintain relationships.

A psychologist is an understanding but impartial person, providing an environment where family members can be comfortable in confiding their feelings without fear of judgment.

Reasons you may seek Family Counselling

Family counselling seeks to support you and your family through a range of issues including:

  • Changes in family structure such as divorce or re-marriage
  • Behavioural problems with family members, including difficulties with adolescence.
  • Family conflict arising from a difference in values
  • Sibling rivalry and conflict
  • Living with a person experiencing mental health issues such as depression, anger, substance abuse or schizophrenia
  • Managing the complexity of a relationship with a disabled family member
  • Issues arising from the adoption of a child

How a Family Psychologist can help

The earlier you see a family psychologist during times of significant change, the more likely it will be that they can help.

Family counselling can facilitate effective communication between you and your partner, child or other family members.

The process can assist you to reach agreements on parental responsibilities in the event of divorce, resolve conflict between family members and generally help mediate the significant changes that affect all families.

With the exception of situations where there is a risk of child abuse or a threat to someone’s life, all counselling is confidential.

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