Grief and Loss

Grief and loss are normal parts of life, especially since there are a lot of things you can lose that mean a lot in life. Given these are normal emotions and feelings, grief and loss are also experienced by everyone in different ways. Unfortunately, not everyone has the knowledge, training, and tools to be able to cope with their grief and loss. Sometimes, some people take a shorter time than others to cope, while others take a longer time than their peers. When left unsettled or undealt with, grief and loss can affect someone’s life in vastly different ways.

What Is Grief and Loss?

Perhaps the best first step towards overcoming grief and loss is to at least get a basic understanding of the concept. When we talk about grief, we’re talking about our natural response to loss. What perhaps can make grief so complex is that grief can come from any loss that has made a significant impact in our lives. This means, we can experience grief from the loss of a way of life, a job, a pet, a pregnancy, a relationship, or a loved one. Sometimes, we also experience grief when our children eventually leave home, because of infertility, or when we’re separated from family and friends. Grief will most likely be more intense when the loss in question is extremely significant for us.

Grief: A Deeper Look

Another reason why grief can be considered complex is because we can express it in many ways. In turn, this also means grief can affect our lives in many different ways, as well. Sometimes, grief and loss can affect our behaviours, thoughts, and emotions. Grief may also affect our beliefs in life, our physical health, your sense of identity and self, and even your relationship with family and friends.

Given that grief can affect various parts of our lives, grief can also make us feel a lot of emotions. Sometimes, grief can make us feel numb, irritable, isolated, overwhelmed, relieved, regretful, shocked, anxious, angry, or sad. The wide range of emotions we feel means grief and loss can be overcome and managed in different ways as well.

It’s extremely important that you don’t expect grief to have a pattern, as everyone experiences grief in different ways. Some grieve for months, or even years after the loss. As such, those who feel as though grief is overwhelming may need proper care and guidance about their situation.

Life Resolutions: Making Grief and Loss Easier To Bear

Here at Life Resolutions, we understand that grief and loss are things that aren’t easy to deal with, and that sometimes it takes more than just time to overcome the various feelings that accompany grief and loss. Our team of psychologists understand this as we’ve dealt with clients experiencing grief and loss as well, and we’re more than willing to offer a helping hand to help you overcome these feelings and see the light.

While grief and loss are completely normal aspects of our lives, sometimes there really are instances when grief and loss take a toll on us that affect our personal lives in more ways than we can imagine. Getting over something we’ve lost isn’t always easy, and sometimes they affect us in negative ways that make a lasting impact in our lives. If you feel as though your grief and loss has made some aspects of your life worse, perhaps our team from Life Resolutions can help you see the light from your grief and use it to make your life better and brighter. If you need help, call to book your appointment today. We can help you. Call now!

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