Marriage Counselling

All couples face challenges and rough patches. Things such as frequent disagreements, differences in values, suspicion or evidence of infidelity and financial pressures can all cause difficulties.

Problems can arise at any stage in a couple’s relationship and it’s important to address them when they occur in order to have the best chance of a resolution.

Signs that you may be in an unhealthy marriage or life partnership include:

    • You and/or your partner are experiencing feelings of unhappiness
    • You have recurring arguments with your partner that fail to be resolved
    • You spend less and less time together and are pursuing separate lives
    • You have lost your feelings of love for your partner and they have lost theirs for you
    • You or your partner are engaging in an extramarital affair.

How counselling can help

Seeking counselling sooner rather than later allows communication of an issue when it occurs. This allows an opportunity for resolution before the issue compounds.

Talking openly with a psychologist can help your marriage grow stronger through a newfound understanding of what you and your partner want from your relationship and each other.

They will not make judgments about who is right or wrong, tell you what to do, or persuade you to stay together or to separate.

Marriage counselling can help you understand how you have contributed to whatever your relationship has become. Your psychologist will start by discussing how you feel about each other and what you are prepared to do to make your relationship work. They will provide guidance and strategies on how to overcome communication problems, regain trust within a relationship, and how to reignite the passion and romance in your relationship.

Unfortunately, counselling will not be effective in helping to repair all marriages. Success will depend on your commitment to restoring your relationship and making positive changes.

In situations where a relationship cannot be repaired, a Life Resolutions psychologist can also assist in helping couples reach agreement with matters such as dividing finances and parental responsibilities.

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