Relationship Counselling (also known as Marriage Counselling)

Are you concerned about the future of your relationship?
Have you been searching the internet for answers?
Do you feel less connected with your partner than before?
Do you wonder why other people’s relationships work and yours is in crisis?

Our relationships face a number of common problems and challenges in today’s modern world. When facing conflict, intimacy problems, loss of compassion or withdrawing care, having difficulty communicating respectfully, and even affairs/infidelity we tend to try to maintain a positive “face” to the world to avoid feeling embarrassed or ashamed.

The concern of being judged combined with not knowing where to go for help can mean that we simply carry on and try to live with the problems, hoping they will get better on their own.

While research into couples has shown that it is never too late to get help from a Relationship/Marriage Counsellor, the day-to-day heartbreak of living with tension in the family really grinds us down, often leading to depression, problems with alcohol or other drugs, and other negative emotions and/or behaviours.

Many people come to Life Resolutions for help, you are not alone. We work with couples from the community to engage and empower them with solutions for these problems. We provide a non-judgemental and confidential service centred on achieving the goals defined by each party.

Some common goals are:
• Increased frequency and/or quality of intimacy
• Reducing negative and destructive communication patterns
• Dealing with differences including lack of common interests
• Reducing tension and building positive behaviours towards each other
• Managing mental health issues of one or both partners
• Resolving trust and other problems after infidelity
• Resolving differences related to parenting

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Where is Our Relationship Problems Service Located?

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