Stress and Family

Is your family telling you something seems wrong?
Are you irritable or having trouble keeping your cool?
Is there tension with your partner and/or kids?
Having problems at work? Trouble concentrating?
Are you drinking or eating more? Other self-destructive behaviours?
Problems with under or oversleep?
Do you feel continually stressed and find it hard to wind down?
Have you had thoughts about escaping somehow? Quitting your job? Disappearing?
Are you being extra hard on yourself to get through?
Have you abandoned some responsibilities because you just can’t manage?
Had problems with a physical illness that could be due to stress?

All of the above are signs that you are going through a stressful period. Family members tend to see the effects of stress most easily because we are closest to them, and they often signal that something is wrong.

Periods of stress can be short or long term, and financial and family pressures tend to trigger irritability and negative or unhelpful behaviours. Often this leads to negative feelings such as low mood, feeling depressed, feeling ashamed of angry outbursts and other behaviours, a cycle of negative thinking and negative emotions that can lead to mental health problems such as Anxiety and Depressive Disorders.

You are not alone, many people come to Life Resolutions seeking assistance to dealing with either the causes of stress or the negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours that stress can trigger.

We encourage you to act early to avoid complications. We are here to help and know that you just want your life to get back to normal.

Book in with one of Our Team today for a professional, respectful and helpful consultation and come away with:
• Better solutions to manage stressors and their effects
• Piece of mind for your family and yourself
• A greater understanding of the cycle of stress, negative emotions and self-criticism
• Ways to increase your work performance and/or manage criticism and pressure from the boss
• Regain ‘headspace’ and concentration so you can get on with it
• A plan to restore your sense of control and happiness

Click this link for some further reading on stress from the Australian Psychological Society.

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