Stress is an extremely normal part of someone’s life, as after all stress does motivate people to pursue their goals and survive. Unfortunately, life’s many ordeals can put us in situations with a lot of stress, and sometimes these situations can make stress so overwhelming that it can paralyse us in fear. Knowing what stress is and how to manage it can greatly help you find better ways to tackle life’s woes and worries.

What Is Stress?

Perhaps it’s first important to discuss what stress is not: it’s not something that’s entirely “bad,” as this is the same kind of ability that allowed prehistoric humans to motivate themselves to survive and persevere.

Stress in itself is primarily a response that engages the body in a physical way, which is why a lot of its symptoms are physical. A stressed person is hardwired to activate their “fight or flight mode,” which is when the brain releases chemicals and hormones such as norepinephrine, cortisol, and adrenaline to “prepare” the body to do physical action.

  • This causes reactions such as blood being transferred to muscles and for other processes to shut down such as digestion. This is why being tense makes us not want to eat and sometimes even nauseous, and instead primes us to want to move all the time.
  • Hormones such as norepinephrine, cortisol, and adrenaline allowed the prehistoric man to get a “rush” that allows them to either fight or run away from the enemy. This is characterized by the boost of energy, heavy and fast breathing, and heart-racing tension that we often feel when stressed.

The same thing happens in the modern world. This “fight or flight” response is something that makes us slam the brakes in time when a pedestrian suddenly runs in front of the car. Of course, sometimes these situations make us unable to “think straight,” as blood in our bodies are focused on supporting what the mind thinks are more important functions, such as priming ourselves to move.

  • What perhaps makes stress so important to tackle is that this “modern application” can apply to anything we think is an immediate threat. This means, in some instances, the fight or flight response is activated when we have pending reports, or a presentation, or an interview.
  • This can make stress quite the dangerous thing to experience, as there are instances where we’re putting too much strain on our body on matters that shouldn’t necessarily be a concern.

Life Resolution: Easing Up On Stress

Here at Life Resolutions, we understand that stress is a fundamental part of our mental health – especially since sometimes stress is what makes us do what we have to do in order to overcome challenges in our lives. Our team of psychologists also understand that sometimes stress can become too much to bear, and as such have quite the negative impact to your daily life. What was once an adaptive response to a threat, may have become a maladaptive response that is keeping you from doing what you want to do.

Stress for us can sometimes be a two-way street – on one end it can be beneficial as we can use this to motivate our success, and on the other end it can be extremely detrimental as it can make us feel as though tasks we’re experiencing are impossible to conquer. If you feel as though stress is making you feel powerless to solve your life’s woes, then perhaps you’re in need of a helping hand. Our team here at Life Resolutions can give you just the right kind of help you need to feel empowered conquering life’s various worries. Call today.

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