Workcover Claims

If you are considering submitting a claim for insurance coverage due to a workplace injury (either physical or psychological) you can get advice from your union, HR at your workplace, your GP, the Worksafe Advisory line, or through a consultation with one of Our Team.

We are experienced and knowledgable about Workcover claims, and we can help you to achieve your goals. It is important to know that Workcover will only pay for consultations from the date the claim is accepted. However, talking with one of our Consultants while preparing for and going through the claim process can be a valuable investment.

The requirements for claiming are straightforward. You’ll need to see your doctor as soon as possible after the injury occurred. Most GPs are familiar with what you need to do but if not they’ll usually have a GP at the clinic who can help you. You’ll then need to complete a claim form and provide it to your employer so they can complete their part and send the claim to Workcover.

After that, you’ll be connected with a Claims Assessor (usually from one of the 5 Workcover agent organisations and they’ll provide you with more information. The Agents manage Workcover claims and the Return to Work process to assist your employer, the insurer (Workcover), and you. They might arrange further medical assessments and a Rehabilitation Consultant.

In some cases, large organisations will self-manage their claims and so don’t use an agent, in which case you’ll speak with a special area of your company’s HR department about your claim’s progress.

Psychological Counselling/Treatment

If you have submitted your claim and you or your doctor want to add a Psychologist to your treatment team, your doctor will need to provide a referral so discuss this with them. You may need to access Medicare rebates until the claim is decided as Workcover don’t cover these fees (you’ll need to pay upfront and Medicare will provide part of the fee back to you into your bank account). If you are unsure about what is and isn’t covered, either your Agent or the Workcover Advisory Service will be able to give you the full details.

If you have an accepted claim, Workcover will cover the costs of treatments and consultations that you need for your injury. You and your GP decide what treatments you need.

Seeing a Psychologist, even for a short period, can really help. To do so, your GP will need to provide a referral to Life Resolutions Essendon West and you should talk with your Workcover Agent Representative (also known as a Case Manager) before your first consultation to let them know. Your doctor might also send a report to the Case Manager seeking approval for a number of counselling sessions.

You should bring along any reports, letters, emails, and other information that you think is important when you meet with us. If you have legal representation, we are happy to talk with them as well.

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