Mary Magalotti Life Resolutions- Principal Psychologist

Mary Magalotti is a highly respected registered psychologist, as well as a mother of two, so you would be right in assuming that she has kept her hands full throughout her career. Mary has had a successful and full career thus far; she has been the director & principal psychologist of many successful mental health businesses, she has sat on the national board of the Australian Psychology Society and is a renowned thought leader in the Australian psychology industry.

With a deep understanding that the delivery of psychology-related services is very personal and must be individualised to each client, on top of her strong critical thinking skills, Mary is an incredible psychology professional and is worthy of her strong reputation.

Mary Magalotti in the foundation of Life Resolutions

Mary Magalotti commenced her career in a small private practice in Brunswick, Melbourne. From here, in 2001, Jodie Brenton joined Mary to provide support with the business operations of the practice, which included running the reception and managing the admin and financial work.

“Back then, it was easy. You could simply pay for a full-page ad in the local newspaper, and people would show up at your door”, as Mary will be often heard saying. And this sentiment remains accurate, at the begin of the 2000s, running a psychology business was far simpler are far easier. However, in saying this, Mary and Jodie have thoroughly enjoyed watching and being a part of the changes and evolution of the psychology industry in the last 19 years, since the beginnings of Life Resolutions.

Mary Magalotti – a thought leader in the Psychology Industry

Mary has an unparalleled level of experience, understanding and insight into the Australian psychology industry. This is not surprising considering the fact that she has over two decades of experience working in the industry at both an individual practice level and a national and group level.

In her roles throughout her career, Mary has generally focused more on developing relationships and partnerships with other forward-thinking individuals in the industry, rather than focusing on the operational aspects of her clinics. This made her partnership with Jodie Brenton the perfect solution, as both women are able to focus on their strengths to create the best possible business. Although, Mary also enjoys providing her useful insights, advice and guidance to the strategic direction of the Life Resolutions business.

Working with Mary MagalottiMary magalotti

Mary Magalotti is an extremely hardworking and passionate individual, making working with her an insightful and enjoyable experience. She is renowned for not being afraid to ask the hard questions, her ability to think outside the box and to challenge the norm. With her direct communication style, she can perfectly and clearly express what she is thinking, provide insightful feedback, and encourages people to reflect on their work critically.