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We all experience unexpected difficult times

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We all face problems all the time, and sometimes these problems can be too overwhelming to bear. When these problems start to have a negative impact on ourselves and others, the unfortunate tendency is we keep these to ourselves as sometimes we hesitate talking to family, friends, and peers out of fear of judgment or prejudice. This reality about mental health issues can still be true in some cases, but we at Life Resolutions Essendon hope to change this perception many have about mental health issues. One of the ways we do this is through our client-based approach, which ensures our services to our clients are suited for their needs and their plans.

Here at Life Resolutions, we have a safe and comfortable space with empathic psychologists who are trained and equipped with the skills needed to help you understand your situation and find ways to deal with it. Our experience handling issues of clients among all walks of life allows us to pair you with a psychologist that suits your needs. This provides all the tools needed in order to help you get started on your journey to a more fruitful and fulfilling life.

Life Always Has Challenges

Our Approach

We all experience times in our lives when there are unexpected situations that we can find hard to deal with. Some of these can be the result of stress, financial difficulties, family and relationship problems, or life events. When situations like these occur, sometimes these can mess with our health - physically, mentally, and emotionally. If left unchecked, these emotions can result in addiction, anxiety, anger, or depression. Sometimes we think that we are capable of coping with these problems, but unfortunately this is not always easy.

Conversing with a psychologist can be a great first step towards a more stable and more positive outlook in life.

Whether you have anxiety, depression, anger management issues, stress, or other problems, our team can build a program or a therapy plan that is appropriate for you. We work together to find a remedy that can work for you in the long run. We understand this process takes time, and that a solution won’t happen overnight. However, the results will be extremely fruitful.

Your Problems Are Serious For Us

Our team here at Life Resolutions Essendon is composed of trained, experienced, and skilled therapists. We all share a common motivation: to help you overcome obstacles by realising you have what it takes to have a happy, healthy, and full life.

We achieve these results by listening to you and analysing the problems you have. We can come up with various coping tools and strategies that are not only practical, but are also obtainable and realistic.

Depending on your issues, sessions with us can range from a few weeks or a few months at a time. Some clients immediately benefit from a few sessions, while others target a more long-term approach to their growth.

We understand that while mental health issues have similar symptoms or effects, we know that the circumstances surrounding them can be different from one person to the next. Our client-based approach allows us to tailor therapy methods and techniques suited for you, and this personal approach allows us to make sure our sessions are geared towards achieving your goals, be it short term and long term. We really do provide resolutions to your life’s problems, and we are more than happy when we see our methods can really help our clients move towards a fulfilling life.

We selected the name Life Resolutions because it reflects what we want to aspire to as a team: we help others resolve issues in their past that can cause them discomfort and distress. No problem is too large or too minuscule for us as we always treat these as serious issues that have a profound effect in your life. We work with you to find solutions to your problems, regardless of how hard your problem seems.

At Life Resolutions Essendon, we work with a wide variety of clients. We have dealt with children, adults, and the elderly from all sorts of cultural and socio-economic backgrounds as well as gender and sexual orientations. We understand that we all have unique problems, and we can work together to solve them.

You Motivate Us To Excel

About Life Resolutions

A lot of people wonder what motivated our team to be psychologists. There's not really one answer to this as a lot of us have a degree of experience with concerns of mental health. We may have experienced this personally, through our loved ones, or have seen for ourselves the efficiency of therapy on mental health issues.

As learned, trained and experienced therapists, we specialise in creating plans that work for you as a person. It is in fact a reward for us to see you grow as a person and get to the point where you see that experiences do change, and you can make that change. The strategies we work on can help you cope with these various changes.

When we hear the words: "I don't think I need to keep undergoing therapy," we know we have made a change. This is a decision that we understand could be difficult to make, so we try to make sure the rest of the process is laid out for you. We aim to provide a safe and comfortable environment for you to be able to share your grievances, and we will pair you with a psychologist that has the experience and training suited for your needs.

However, our doors are always open should you need to come back, even for one session.

Life Resolutions Essendon is situated at 1 Lincoln Road, Essendon – which is around the corner of Buckley Street. We conduct our services from a large old California Bungalow house and we have good parking on the back of the property. We are also about 100 metres away from the Essendon train station.

We practice from 8AM to 8PM on Monday to Friday, and 9AM to 5PM on Saturdays. We strive to help make the booking process easier thanks to our helpful customer support representatives both inside the office and when you call so that we can help you take care of the documentation needed while you focus on making sure you’re on your way to a more fruitful and fulfilling life.