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Addictions can ruin lives. Whether you’re hooked on drugs, alcohol or gambling, these harmful habits can wreck your life. The damage affects every aspect of your life. Your health deteriorates, it fills your mind with negative thoughts, and your relationships suffer. Hence, it also affects the lives of people around you—those who love you and worry about your welfare.

In most cases of addiction, the attempt of family and friends to help an addict to overcome their problem doesn’t work. Their good intentions might even be met with hostility. The anger stems from denial and the addict’s belief that their condition is not severe. Moreover, they feel confident about overcoming their situation without anyone’s help. It can be frustrating when a loved one suffering from addiction takes this stance.

People often feel powerless trying to help a loved one get over their addiction. Likewise, an addict can feel hopeless about their chances of getting over their addiction. If you think this way, then it may be time to reach out for help. The psychologists at Life Resolutions Essendon are qualified to extend assistance in these situations.

We Can Help You Overcome Your Addiction

Addiction is treatable. The interventions used by our psychologists at Life Resolutions Essendon can prove significant when it comes to recovery from an addiction disorder. They can provide the psychological counselling necessary to address the detrimental effects brought on by the dependence on drugs or alcohol. Substance abuse or other types of addictions can affect:

  • An addict’s physical health and increases the risk of diseases.
  • It can destroy relationships and isolate an addict from the love of family and friends.
  • The ability to work and earn a living is affected. This causes a problem of financial instability.
  • Addiction can alter a person’s brain and leads to behavioural issues that bring about violence against others.

While it’s best to seek medical assistance early on, it’s not often easy to get an addict to do this. It’s important to be on the lookout for any of these symptoms.

  • When failed attempts to curb the habit take place often.
  • When a person only feels normal with the help of alcohol or drugs.
  • When the addiction takes precedence over any activity or event in a person’s life.

Our psychologists at Life Resolutions Essendon are trained to counsel clients caught up in any type of addiction. Our approach to addiction therapy is highly personalized. It’s because we appreciate the uniqueness of every person’s experience when it comes to addiction. This is why we help target the reasons behind the addiction and focus on the treatments to address these.

Medicare rebates are accessible for people who seek help for addiction at Life Resolutions Essendon. The initiative is part of the Better Access to Mental Health Care scheme of the Australian Government. Anyone dealing with addiction has the opportunity to get the help they need to regain control and live life without dependence on addictive behaviours or substances.

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