Children Need Help as Well; Let Us Help Them

Counselling is a sensitive topic. Indeed, many continue to associate it with mental illness. This is why many people only consider going to a counsellor if they or anyone they love is experiencing a severe psychological breakdown.

The impression of weakness is another reason why people are hesitant to seek counsel. They are afraid of what others might say about it. The comments might even come from their family and friends. This fear of judgment makes them reluctant to seek professional help.

The stigma attached to counselling becomes greater when children are involved. Many parents are apprehensive. However, growing up today brings more significant challenges for the youth. Some children are unable to handle these independently and suffer from depression and anxiety at an early age.

When to Consider Child Counselling?

No doubt, you only want the best for your child. You do your best to communicate and engage with your child. Your involvement is commendable and is a great way to let your child know that you’re always there for them. However, a child exposed to situations like peer pressure or bullying might find it difficult to talk about it for fear of how their parents would react.

Likewise, stressful events such as a divorce, the move to a new school, or experiencing physical difficulties can make a child clam up. Life Resolutions Essendon advises parents to watch out for the common signs that tell when a child would require counselling.

  • A loss of appetite or more restrictive food patterns could be an indicator of more serious problems and can be harder for a child to recover from as they age.
  • Aggressive behavioural patterns wherein your child might hurt others with intention. The worst-case scenario is when your child starts to hurt themselves.
  • Being withdrawn from others, even their friends. Some children might be quiet and reserved. However, the lack of interest to be with friends could mean something is wrong.
  • Oversleeping or having a hard time falling asleep. Insomnia at a young age is not good since children need to rest for growth.
  • An adverse change in the child’s performance in school like a substantial drop in their grades.
  • Repeated talk or thoughts about death is a significant problem in particular if your child is pondering about suicide or the idea of killing someone else.

The good news is you can seek the assistance of Life Resolutions Essendon if you notice any of these signs in your children.

Give Your Child the Best Future

Children tend to worry about how their parents will react to what they have to say. At Life Resolutions Essendon, we provide a neutral environment. Your child can express whatever concern they might have without fear.

Our professional psychologists at Life Resolutions Essendon are capable and will make sure your child is at ease throughout their counselling session. In some cases, the counsellor might see fit to have you present during meetings. However, this is with the permission of your child. It helps build trust and confidence, so your child feels more comfortable to speak out.

You should also be aware of the responsibility of Life Resolutions Essendon to report specific issues to local authorities when it merits. This is generally if your child may show signs of endangering themselves or others in the community.

Contact Life Resolutions Essendon today to talk to our psychologist if you have any concern about your child’s welfare. Allow us to help you encourage a bright and stress-free future for your child. Call Now!

Where is Our Child Counselling Service Located?

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