Resolve Conflict in Your Family with Our Help

Each family plays a significant role in society. It’s in the family where a child forms their first relationship and learns about life. Families provide support, love, and encouragement. They serve as your refuge when you feel wronged by the world.

However, what happens when the problems you’re dealing with are occurring within the family? In this case, who do you turn to for support, love, and encouragement?

Any threat to the stability of a family can affect the well-being and happiness inside the home. Remember, unresolved issues can lead to more significant problems.

Reasons to Seek Family Counselling

Occasional disagreements among family members do happen. However, a family who has a healthy relationship would be able to resolve these issues. Moreover, they would be able to carry on and learn from the incident. When this happens, they continue to enjoy happy family life.

However, not all families can enjoy this luxury. In fact, minor disagreements can turn into major arguments. Life Resolutions Essendon advises that the following are some reasons why a family may choose to engage in counselling:

  • There has been a change in the family structure, for instance, a divorce or a parent remarries, likewise, when both parents remarry. On the other hand, a parent may not remarry but move in with a new partner.
  • The entry of a new parent could also entail dealing with a step-family.
  • Behavioral issues that erupt during the teenage years of children – teenage pregnancy can also cause tension in the family.
  • Conflict among family members regarding differences in values.
  • Extreme cases of sibling rivalry.
  • Families dealing with members who are afflicted with mental illnesses like depression, excessive anger, drug or alcohol abuse, or schizophrenia.
  • Dealing with a disabled family member can make relationships complex.
  • Families who are considering or have been through the process of adoption.
  • Financial issues such as debt and lack of income.
  • Your children gain independence and start to leave home.

Difficulties arising from these situations can cause conflict. Moreover, it can be a problem for families to resolve the issues by themselves. Chances are the resistance among members would be high. Because of this, it could be in your family’s best interest to seek professional help from a psychologist.

We’re Here to Help You

Our qualified psychologists at Life Resolutions Essendon are experienced in the field of family counselling. We can assist any issue your family might be going through. Family counselling services at Life Resolutions are designed to provide you and your family an environment to discuss and confide their feelings without feeling threatened. The role of a psychologist is to facilitate communication and help the family come to an agreement about the issues weighing them down.

Our psychologist remains neutral and doesn’t serve as a judge and jury in your sessions. Rest assured your family’s counselling sessions are confidential. However, if the problem involves abuse or a threat to someone’s life is present, then it could merit the notification of the local authorities.

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