Don’t Suffer Sexual Harassment in Silence

Sexual harassment is any form of unwelcome or unwanted sexual attention that is experienced as offensive, humiliating or intimidating. Sexual harassment can be written, verbal or physical. Both males and females can be victims of sexual harassment.

There are laws that protect people against sexual harassment in the workplace, at school or university as everyone has the right to be in an environment free from harassment, bullying and discrimination. Sexual harassment can include behaviours, such as:

    • Unwelcome touching, grabbing or other physical contacts
    • Comments that have sexual meanings
    • Asking for sex or sexual favours
    • Displaying rude and offensive material, e.g. calendars, cartoons
    • Sexual jokes and comments
    • Questions about your sex life
    • Sex-based insults

In any setting sexual harassment is an unacceptable form of behaviour that causes distress. It can cause a range of different reactions for different people. You may:

    • Feel stressed, anxious or depressed
    • Have physical symptoms of stress such as headaches or sleep problems
    • Feel unable to trust your employer or the people you work with
    • Lack of confidence and belief in yourself and your work
    • Have your life outside of work, school or university affected, e.g. your relationships.

How we can help

Life Resolutions has a network of qualified psychologists who specialise in helping you find ways to address the sexual harassment in the workplace, school or university. We can also help you resolve how the harassment has affected you.

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Where is Our Sexual Harassment Service Located?

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