Jodie Brenton 

Life Resolutions’ Director

Jodie Brenton is the CEO and founder of Life Resolutions Essendon.  Jodie holds a strong passion for providing quality and easily accessible mental health treatment to all Australians in need, no matter their background, age or financial status. Jodie believes that every person deserves the right to improve their mental health and well-being and is dedicated to providing this opportunity for all.

With countless years of experience working on the business side of psychology private practices, Jodie Brenton has a deep understanding of the systems and operations required to achieve success. With this knowledge, Jodie is committed to improving the accessibility and quality of mental care in Australia. She has seen first-hand the amount of work that psychologists and counsellors dedicate to their clients, both before, during and after client sessions. Jodie appreciates and admires the commitment of all counselling professionals and endeavours to support them to deliver the highest level of quality client care.

Jodie Brenton has a deep understanding of the needs of clients and understands that each person requires individualised treatment in order to achieve the most effective and long-lasting results from their mental healthcare. Through the specifically chosen Life Resolutions team of caring, welcoming, and highly-qualified and experienced psychologists and counsellors, Life Resolutions clients can access the best mental health care available.

Jodie Brenton is devoted to helping as many psychologists as possible to achieve best client care outcomes.  Life Resolutions equips psychologists and counsellors with the tools, training, knowledge and resources necessary to successfully help as many Australians as possible, Jodie strives to change the mental health industry in Australia for the better. As the taboo of seeking mental health care slowly fades, psychologists are becoming increasingly busy and in need of support. Jodie’s work is devoted to providing this support and in turn, improve the mental healthcare outcomes for all Australians.

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If you would like to hear more about the journey of, you are welcome to contact her HERE! Alternatively, you can head to the Life Resolutions website to discover more about the work of Jodie and the Life Resolutions team.