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Mary Magalotti is the principal psychologist at Life Resolutions Essendon, established in 2001.

Along with Jodie Brenton the CEO and Director of Life Resolutions, Mary Magalotti saw a flaw in the mental healthcare system, whereby practitioners spent far too much time on administration and paperwork, taking away from valuable time spent with clients. Through their work with Life Resolutions, Mary and Jodie are striving to enhance the systems in place to ensure that counsellors and psychologists are able to focus their energy on helping their clients, rather than focusing on paperwork.

Mary Magalotti holds the firm belief that all Australians deserve access to quality mental health services, no matter age, gender identity or financial status. She is also a strong advocate for removing the stigma from mental illness. As this stigma is decreasing the demand for mental health services is rapidly increasing, and so too is the need for dedicated and passionate psychologists like Mary Magalotti Life Resolutions.

Founder & Principal Psychologist at Life Resolutions

To ensure all Life Resolutions clients get the help they deserve and require to be free of mental illness, Mary calls for the need to improve the accessibility and quality of mental health services in Australia. Mary understands the importance of providing individualised, high-quality mental health treatment, as every patient is unique and, therefore, needs personalised treatment to get them back onto the path towards mental well-being.

As a “master of all trades” in the psychology field, Mary is able to flourish in her role as a principal psychologist, she is able to use her vast knowledge to,  train and educate counsellors and psychologists in the industry, and work at destroying the stigma around mental health once and for all.

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If you wish to learn more about the journey of Life Resolutions or have questions for Mary, you are very welcome to contact her HERE. Alternatively, do not hesitate to visit the Life Resolutions website to discover more about the work of Mary and the Life Resolutions team.