Photo of Vietnamese Speaking Melbourne Psychologist Michael Phung

Tuan Anh Phung (Michael)

Provisional Psychologist

About Tuan Anh (Michael) Phung

Michael is a dedicated and meticulous Provisional Psychologist. He graduated from Monash University for his undergraduate and studied postgrad at the Institute of Social Neuroscience. A passionate psychologist, Michael can also provide Vietnamese speaking psychology services.

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Chantal Santacaterina

Chantal Santacaterina

General Psychologist

About Chantal Santacaterina

Chantal is a warm, empthathic and open-minded Psychologist who has worked with clients from a variety of cultures, particularly in Europe and Middle Eastern cultures. Her strength is her ability to engage with people in a non-judgemental manner, and to create a safe environment that will foster a collaborative and integrative relationship with her clients. She assists clients in identifying and exploring issues that are contributing to their presenting symptomatology.

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Rebecca Holt Psychologist Sydney

Rebecca Holt

Provisional Psychologist

About Rebecca Holt

Rebecca is an outgoing yet nurturing clinician. She is able to build rapport with clients quickly and using a unique skill set is able to help clients meet their particular therapy goals. Rebecca draws on evidence-based practices and tailors these to each client using strategies that make therapy for clients interesting and rewarding.

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Mariana Gersely Ferraz dos Santos Psychologist Melbourne

Mariana Gersely Ferraz dos Santos

Provisional Psychologist

About Mariana Gersely Ferraz dos Santos

Originally from Brazil, Mariana is a Melbourne Psychologist (provisional) who is fluent in both English and Portuguese. She is a passionate, open-minded and empathetic provisional psychologist who enjoys listening to clients' life stories and being part of their difficult times, providing them with the support they need to overcome challenges.

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Ilia Ghanizadeh

Provisional Psychologist

About Ilia Ghanizadeh

Ilia is a calm, patient, compassionate, warm, friendly and open-minded psychologist. She has excellent communicative skills to provides her clients with an accepting, sympathetic and comfortable atmosphere to share their concerns. Being bi-lingual (English & Farsi) and familiar with various cultures, particularly Eastern cultures, facilitates her understanding of clients' concerns and building therapeutic relationships with them. She has unique and remarkable life experiences as an immigrant and a victim of domestic violence who eventually had overcome all her life issues. Now she is a stronger and successful woman who is ready to share her psychological knowledge and life experiences with her clients. She holds four academic degrees in psychology including clinical psychology. Further she was trained as a psychoanalyst, hypnotherapist and neuro-therapist with client-centered and humanitarian approaches. Thus, she is able to provide individually-tailored psychological services to her clients targeting the core of their problems.

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