Len Nguyen

Provisional Psychologist

Len is a positive and dedicated provisional psychologist who is highly passionate about mental health and empowering others to overcome challenges and difficult thoughts, feelings and attitudes. She finds great importance in raising awareness in the mental health field to decrease stigma and/or stereotypes held by the general community. She provides psychological, emotional and mental support using a non-judgemental and empathic nature, and tailors to each unique individual based on their personality, circumstances and goals.

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Cassandra Toulios

Provisional Psychologist

Cassandra is a warm and caring provisional psychologist, who provides a supportive and comfortable environment for her clients. She is passionate about mental health and assisting others to overcome a variety of challenges. She works collaboratively with clients, so that each client feelsempowered within sessions. She uses a variety of approaches and evidence-based techniques to ensure that the needs of each individual client have been met and that they are receivingthe best possible treatment for their individual situation.

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