Anger Management

Anger is an emotional human reaction of intense displeasure to certain situations like disappointment, injustice and threats. It can range from irritation to explosive rage.


Feeling stressed and worried can be the result of certain challenging situations, such as dealing with relationships, work, study and general everyday tasks.

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder Bipolar Disorder is a clinical condition in which a person experiences extreme mood swings, feeling either extremely high and excited or very low and depressed. It is an illness that impacts the ability

Career Counselling

Career Counselling Your career life consumes a great deal of your time and energy and work can be exhausting for different reasons. However, your fatigue feels worth it when you’re in the company of supportive

Couples Counselling

People in a relationship can seek out couple counselling for a number of reasons. This could be caused by emotional issues such as power struggles, a communication issues, sexual disatisfaction and infidelity.


During life, we all face hard situations that make us feel sad and moody. This is normal and we all experience life’s ups and downs but.

Grief and Loss

The more significant the loss the more intense the grief can be. Losing someone you love or care about is painful. It’s here that you can experience very difficult emotions that involve intense sadness and pain


Somewhere between 2-5% of the population have an issue with hoarding, which not only affects the person but often those around them.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching Life coaching can help you get a better understanding of your life regardless of your current situation. Whether or not you’re changing jobs, changing careers, undergoing a transition, desiring more from relationships, or

Life Transition

Marriages, births, new jobs may be positive changes but these can also bring unique stressors.
Moving, retirement or entering a new phase in life can also bring about a significant amount of stress

Mental Illness

Mental Illness A lot of problems related to mental illness are caused by a combination of different issues that can’t be prevented. However, they can be treated. Mental illness is, in fact, more common than

Pain Management

Pain Management Chronic pain is a common experience in Australia: about one-third of people experience chronic pain, and for some, pain is constant. In adults, pain can be caused by injuries, surgery, and medical conditions

Post-Traumatic Growth

Assisting individuals to reduce and overcome the symptoms of trauma, particularly the condition Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, is important work as this and other stress related conditions cause much suffering and reduce a person’s quality of life.

Postnatal Depression

Postnatal Depression Postnatal Depression (PND) is the term used to describe depression that is experienced after the birth of a baby. PND is common with around 1 in 7 new mothers being affected. Becoming a

Relationship Advice

Relationships are an essential part of our life, and they take on many different types and have different meanings. Essentially a relationship is defined as a bond between two or more people.

Self Esteem

Believe in yourself! That’s what self-esteem is all about. It’s also about being happy with yourself and who you are independent of life events.


Separation Couples Separation Therapy: Does It Work? When a relationship feels stressed or even broken; when the connection that was there in the early years seems lost, there is an option before jumping into divorce.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment Sexual harassment is any form of unwelcome or unwanted sexual attention that is experienced as offensive, humiliating or intimidating. Sexual harassment can be written, verbal or physical. Both males and females can be


Stress can be explained as a person’s experience of feeling overwhelmed, burdened, tense or run down. It is normal to feel that our mind can’t cope with the pressures that we are being subjected to in life.

Terminal Illness

Terminal Illness Caring for someone with a terminal illness is an emotional and stressful experience, often involving a range of feelings such as hope, fear, stress, anger, regret and grief. Family members are often focused


Trauma Trauma is psychological and often physical damage inflicted on a person by extremely stressful experiences – so much so that it can overwhelm the person’s sense of being able to cope with everyday life. 

Weight Management

Weight Management For some people, maintaining a healthy weight range is a constant struggle. You may be overweight or obese, battle with losing or maintaining weight loss, have distorted body image or have troublesome eating

Workplace Injury

Workplace Injury Physical injury in the workplace can be associated can also result in physiological trauma and stress. Recovery from physical injury can be slow and frustrating, particularly when surgery and ongoing medical and allied

Workplace Issues

Workplace Issues Sometimes the workplace can be a minefield, especially for those prone to anxiety or perfectionism. Performance reviews, pressure to meet deadlines or deliver in a team, or simply wanting to make a good