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Anger Management

Anger is an emotional response we have to intense displeasure, especially in situations such as disappointment, injustice, and threats. Manifestations of anger can range from things such as irritation, and even explosive rage.

Given that it’s an emotion, you’re capable of channelling your anger into positive ways that can help you pursue your dreams, goals, and desires. Unfortunately, anger can become a problem when you express it frequently and inappropriately. The reason for this is because extreme forms of anger can manifest into extreme forms of aggression such as criticism, hostility, and even domestic violence.

You must remember however that although feeling anger is normal, it’s something that you can control. With the help of our anger management counselling sessions at Life Resolutions, we can help you take back control over your anger and find out what’s really is causing it.

How We Can Help You

Before we can help to treat anger management issues, we’ll need to recognise and understand why you may feel angry in the first place. We’ll work one on one with you to uncover the underlying reason for difficulties managing your anger.

We know anger just doesn’t come from anywhere, it needs a reason. During your session, we’ll work in a safe, relaxing and comfortable environment when pursuing the origins of your anger. On identifying what may be triggering your anger, we can then work on helping you manage it better.

Our psychologists are equipped with a wide variety of skills and techniques designed to help you control anger. Our methods can include:

  • An exploration and clear understanding of how you experience anger and the difference between aggression and anger and how anger doesn’t need to lead to aggression.
  • Learning how to be assertive rather than aggressive.
  • Tips on how to recognise patterns of anger and triggers that escalate this feeling.
  • Relaxation techniques and activities to lower stress levels.
  • Learning and practising more effective behaviours and reactions when feeling angry.

It’s not easy to deal with situations especially if you feel you’re alone in facing these challenges. If you think, or if you feel, that your circumstances are beginning to affect you or the people around you in a negative way, perhaps it might be time to consider talking to a therapist to help you resolve the situation.

Don’t Let Anger Take Control

If you find yourself in need of someone to talk to, or a safe space to release your feelings, then our offices here at Life Resolutions in Footscray are where we are ready to listen to you and to your concerns in an empathic and non-judgemental manner. Our team of psychologists are experienced in dealing with a wide variety of situations, which helps us pair you with the right therapist that can help you make that first step towards a better life. Call now to book your anger management session with us today.

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