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Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder is a clinical condition in which a person experiences extreme mood swings, feeling either extremely high and excited or very low and depressed. It is an illness that impacts the ability to regulate moods and feelings, presenting episodes of both depression and mania or hypomania.

The difference between Bipolar disorder and regular mood swings is the frequency and intensity of the episodes presented. In addition, these long depressive and/or manic episodes interfere and cause significant issues in the individual’s school, workplace and other relevant areas.

In extreme cases, a person with Bipolar disorder may be affected in such a serious way that they experience symptoms of psychosis, where they are unable to distinguish between what is real and what is not.

Bipolar disorder is caused by both biological and environmental factors. Diet, stress, emotional family conflicts and trauma might be also influential in de development of this disorder.


There are many talented, creative and productive people that have been able to handle this disorder and succeed in life.

When receiving early and effective treatment, a psychologist is able to help an individual with Bipolar Disorder smoothen their highs and lows in energy and mood. With the help of effective therapies, a person with this disorder will be able to:
• Improve emotional regulation.
• Identify thoughts that are potential triggers of mania and hypomania.
• Understand Bipolar Disorder and learn how to manage both depressive and manic episodes.
• Improve routines and sleep patterns.
• Reduce symptoms to be able to function better in a social environment.

Our psychologists at Life Resolutions Footscray can also provide therapy to family members of people suffering from Bipolar Disorder, in order to improve communication and decrease tension and stress.

For more information on Bipolar Disorder and how to improve the symptoms, please contact our psychologists at Life Resolutions Footscray.

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