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Career Counselling

Your career life consumes a great deal of your time and energy and work can be exhausting for different reasons. However, your fatigue feels worth it when you’re in the company of supportive people you enjoy being with. At the same time, when you get to do the things you truly enjoy, your career isn’t a daily job, it’s a passion.

Being happy in what you do is crucial to your continued success in the workplace. However, there are instances where you feel lost and a bit burnt out from the things you do daily. You may even feel you have chosen a career that isn’t a good match for you. If you feel lost and don’t know which way to go in your career, it may help to take a step back and assess things with the help of a career counsellor.

Maintaining a healthy level of understanding and control over your career helps you to have a more enjoyable working life. It’s important to be aware of the expectations you should have for yourself and the career you are vying for. Being more knowledgeable in your career can hopefully make you take the necessary steps to have a more fruitful work life, and life in general as well.

However, first things first, what is career counselling, and how is it different from regular therapy?

What Is Career Counselling?

Career counselling and career coaching are similar in nature to traditional counselling. However, unlike traditional counselling, sessions are focused on career exploration, career change, career development, and other issues that relate to the growth of your career.

If you feel like you haven’t found the right career path, consider talking to a therapist to help you get started.

How We Can Help You

The Life Resolutions team in Footscray has psychologists that are extremely familiar with the various nuances involved in exploring your career. We can help in areas such as:

  • Assessing your interests, aptitudes, personality, and skills in order to match you to a job that is right for you.
  • Understanding the employment market.
  • Career progression or changing your career.
  • Determining what course of study to embark upon.

Our team of experts here at Life Resolutions in Footscray have dealt with a wide variety of career-related issues that can help us help you assess your current situation. Whether it’s a career change, a career exploration, or just evaluating where you should go from here – our team here at Life Resolutions have a variety of tried and tested methods that can be tailored to your needs.

Get Direction In Your Career

No matter how difficult your situation seems, always remember that there’s always a way for you to cope and manage it. If you feel that a situation is too overwhelming for you to handle, you can always consider talking with a psychologist here at Life Resolutions in Footscray that can help you deal with your specific situation.

Taking that first step towards managing your situation can be difficult, but our team here at Life Resolutions in Footscray can make it a rewarding journey. Our team of psychologists are experienced with a wide variety of treatment methods, which help us make sure our therapy sessions are tailored to your needs. We can help you develop a wide array of strategies and techniques you could use, not only for short-term benefits but for long-term growth as well. Call now to book your appointment.

Where is Our Career Counselling Service Located?

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