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Couples Counselling

When you’re in a relationship, it might be hard to involve “third parties” especially when you’re dealing with problems you consider private. However, sometimes, couples can benefit from couples counselling. The question is, when is it the right choice?

People in relationships seek out couples counselling for a wide range of reasons. Sometimes, emotional issues such as power struggles, communication issues, sexual dissatisfaction, and infidelity can be things that couples can’t resolve properly and may need the help of an independent person with experience in resolving relationship concerns.

Counselling can be your best option as soon as discontent arises. According to research, 40-per cent of couples who undergo couples counselling see improvement and even full-recovery in the quality of their relationships after their therapy sessions.

Sometimes, we need to walk the extra mile in order to help our relationships last longer and survive. If you think you and your partner need a helping hand in re-establishing a connection with one another, perhaps a therapist could help in that regard.

How Can We Help You?

What makes couples counselling effective? Effective therapy can help address a lot of aspects of relationship issues. In fact, in most cases, it appears relationship problems stem from a lack of appropriate communication. When partners try to avoid conflict or they begin to engage in heated power struggles, this causes a gap in communication, which in turn builds resentment and can cause serious chasms in the relationship.

Our team of experts here at Life Resolutions in Footscray understand the pain and confusion that can arise when you’re not able to communicate effectively with your partner. Our counsellors know that the first step is to teach people to regulate their emotions, to stay calm and use healthy communications skills to resolve issues. However, the success of the couple’s therapy also depends on the participation, motivation and dedication of both partners.

Qualified therapy can help couples become better listeners and communicators. Our efficient treatment methods can help you find ways to support each other as individuals. For instance, we can establish goals which can help each partner to finally acknowledge and better understand their role in their relationship.

Couples and marriage counselling is offered in a wide variety of settings including group and private sessions. Counselling can be short or long-term, as long as the couple is committed to finding the resolutions they need.

No matter how difficult your situation seems, always remember that there is always a way for you to cope and manage it. If you feel that a situation is too overwhelming for you to handle, you can always consider talking with one of our psychologists who can help you deal with your specific situation.

Let Us Help You Become A Happier Couple

Our team here at Life Resolutions in Footscray understands how difficult it is to deal with certain situations without a safe and proper avenue to share feelings and sentiments. Our team of psychologists are equipped with the skills, training, and experience to make sure we can help you manage your situation and help you transform your life. Life Resolutions is known for its brand of care tailored to your needs, which helps us make sure your therapy is the one you’ll need for long-lasting growth. Call now to book your appointment.

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