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Life Transition

Change can be difficult. Even positive changes can lead to stress.

Despite this stress, a person can expect to experience change several times throughout life; that is after all, what we are; Change.

Marriages, births, new jobs may be positive changes but these can also bring unique stressors.
Moving, retirement or entering a new phase in life can also bring about a significant amount of stress. It’s at this point in life that speaking to a qualified therapist can be beneficial. This can help adjust to these new changes.

Changes Can Affect Personal Growth

Negative changes can influence personal growth. However, when guided by an experienced therapist, you can become stronger, feel more confident and be prepared for future changes.

Change may be either good or bad, but it can bring about inner strength and the encouragement to develop knowledge, increased awareness and added skills. Change and the coping of this new difference can make clear the importance of life, of self-discovery and awareness.


Because to some degree change can be a stressor, it can affect your emotions, your health and daily life. This can cause anxiety, depression, headaches, fatigue and trouble sleeping or eating. These symptoms can be improved with quality therapy.

Some of the symptoms associated with change can be prevented through adequate preparation such as:

• Research into an upcoming change
• Attending physical and mental health through therapy
• Finding effective ways to relax
• Limiting change
• Discussing difficulties with a professional

Therapy for Change

There is no particular treatment for adjusting to change but there are tactics that can be helpful. Talking with one of our qualified therapists about change can be helpful. Call us today to see how we can help.

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