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Mental Illness

A lot of problems related to mental illness are caused by a combination of different issues that can’t be prevented. However, they can be treated.

Mental illness is, in fact, more common than cancer, diabetes, or heart disease. Mental illnesses don’t discriminate, and it can affect anyone of any age, income, and educational level. It doesn’t discriminate on gender, and it can happen to anyone.

To help you or a loved one combat the effects of mental illnesses, we’ve rounded up key facts you need to know about professional mental health counselling:

Mental Illness: The Basics

At Life Resolutions in Footscray, we have one of the largest mental health and addiction centres in the country. We also offer programs that are specialized in various mental health issues. Our program is one of the most recognizable therapy programs in the country, and it can address different aspects of mental illness.

Our team ensures our programs offer multidisciplinary care which includes psychology, nursing, social work and other therapies. We follow rigorous practices which result in exemplary quality care that helps you grow in the long run. Our processes include:

  • Facility-wide and program outcome work
  • Collaborative work with the institute
  • An aligned approach to psychiatric and addiction medication
  • Multidisciplinary care
  • A caring and committed community of medical professionals
  • Clinical expertise

Our experience dealing with different conditions with different kinds of treatment methods help us understand our clients better. It’s important to understand that mental illness, like other chronic conditions, need ongoing treatment. Given the progress in the medical industry in the previous decades, we can now treat a wide variety of mental illnesses with different types of therapies.

People diagnosed with mental illness can recover or gain strength by participating in either individual or group therapy. There’s no treatment that offers a one-size-fits-all solution. However, there are many options available which can include both psychotherapy and medication. Our experience in this regard can help us build a program that is fit for your needs.

How We Can Help You

We all face different situations in life, and these situations can affect us in so many ways. Sometimes, we find ourselves capable of coping with them. Unfortunately, there are also moments that these feelings can get too heavy that it seems our life is becoming hard to bear. However, there’s always a way to relieve ourselves of these situations.

Life Resolutions Footscray always has its doors open to provide you with a safe space for your concerns, and an ear to listen to your sentiments. Our team of psychologists is not only certified and trained, but they have the experience that can help develop treatments especially made for you. Our brand of personalized care helps us make sure our treatment methods help you manage your situation and transform your life into a more fulfilling way. Call today if you’re struggling with your mental illness. We can help you.

Where is Our Mental Illness Service Located?

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