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Self-esteem is all about our capacity to believe that we’re capable of great things. It can help us be happy about ourselves and who we are as a person. However, there are moments in life where we don’t feel confident about something, or that we feel down and not feel worthy of anything. Such moments are generally normal and help motivate us to become better.

Consequently, when self-esteem issues begin to have a negative long-term influence on us such as harming our career and relationships, then it’s time to take action. With continued low self-worth, life’s fruits become farther from our reach. The fear of failure eventually inhibits us to fight off challenges.

Find the strength to restore a stronger character and become more productive through the therapy sessions we offer at Life Resolutions. Here’s a preview of how our seasoned experts can help you kick-start a better life outside of your comfort zone

How We Can Help You

Self-esteem is the degree to which you feel confident and consider yourself valuable. It’s the sense of respect you have for yourself, including your ability to manage life’s problems. It significantly affects your overall emotional well-being and health. Self-esteem is a form of a continuum that has low ranges and high ranges, with the lowest level of self-esteem being one that revolves on self-criticism, self-doubt, and social isolation.

At Life Resolutions in Footscray, we know that anyone of any age can experience some sort of self-esteem hiccup, but this issue shouldn’t be stopping you from making yourself happy. Our psychologists can help assist you in dealing with self-esteem issues. Our assistance offers you only the highest standard in terms of psychological treatment. We can help you understand your self-esteem and self-motivation issues.

We recognize that life has its ups and downs, and resolving these issues can decrease self-esteem to the point of bringing on a sense of worthlessness.

Our therapy sessions can help address issues concerning low self-esteem. Our therapy methods can help you become stronger and improve your sense of self. We take clients by the hand and embark on the journey in finding that sense of accomplishment which helps boost self-confidence and competence. We offer goal-directed therapy that helps you identify a specific goal and outcome.

Let Us Help You Be Confident Again

We all face different situations in life, and these situations can affect us in so many ways. Sometimes we find ourselves capable of coping with them. Unfortunately, there are also moments when these feelings can get too heavy that it seems our life is becoming hard to bear. However, there is always a way to relieve yourself from these situations.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you can’t find someone to talk to, or you can’t find a safe space to be “yourself,” then please feel free to come to Life Resolutions in Footscray. Our team of psychologists are available to listen to you and help you manage your situation. Life Resolutions has a brand of care tailored to your needs. With our team’s training we can make sure we develop a strategy not only for you to cope with your situation, but to help transform your life into one that’s more confident. Call now to become a more confident you.

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