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Couples Separation Therapy: Does It Work?

When a relationship feels stressed or even broken; when the connection that was there in the early years seems lost, there is an option before jumping into divorce. The less drastic experience is that of therapeutic separation. This is a therapy practice designed to increase the interest and essence of the relationship that has been affected by children, stress, distractions and work.

Separation Therapy Requires Commitment

Couples who remember the pleasure they experienced in the early stages of their relationship; the joy and companionship for each other may find the solution through separation therapy.

This offers distance for the couple by living apart and giving them the opportunity to feel the absence of the other partner. During this time of separation, the therapy focuses on repairing the relationship rather than working towards a permanent separation.

As qualified therapists we know that many relationships can repair when a focused treatment is used towards better communication and relationship issues. The feelings of connection can be rediscovered providing there is an opportunity for it to occur.

What Happens?

In a therapeutic separation, a couple agrees to a temporary separation, while at the same time undergoing therapy, which will involve both couple and individual work. During these separations, dating is the way couples contact each other, otherwise, all other contact is reduced to a minimal level. This gives the couple a glimpse of what it would be like to live without the partner.

During this therapy there are mutual rules established such as monogamy, dating others, finance, privacy, family and friends, and other relevant issues. The time frame for this type of separation can range from 3 to 6 months.

The separation discourages arguments and problem solving outside of the therapy sessions in order to prevent further emotional hurt. The goal is to rediscover the positive side of the relationship.

The Outcome

With the support of therapy and commitment to find ways to remain together in a pleasant and rewarding way, therapeutic separations have been found to be very successful in creating new connections in couples and preventing separation. The key to this being an effective therapy treatment is that both partners remain together and be willing to work towards a successful commitment.

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