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What is Stress?

Stress can be explained as a person’s experience of feeling overwhelmed, burdened, tense, or run down. It is normal to feel that our mind can’t cope with the pressures that we are being subjected to in life.

Sometimes stress can be good in small doses, as it can act as a motivating force to complete tasks or to find new ways to solve problems. On the other hand, it can be really harmful to overstress and let stress affect our everyday activities.

When a mental tension is presented, the body goes through a series of changes. The brain is alerted, and hormones are released to provide the body with the necessary energy to be able to respond to whatever is making us feel stressed. The heart starts pumping blood faster, preparing the body to run or fight. When the body gets the job done, we feel exhausted, and we are not able to cope with stress, and we become more vulnerable to diseases, breakdowns and other symptoms, such as:
• Heart diseases and high blood pressure.
• Insomnia.
• Anxiety.
• Low self-esteem and lack of confidence.
• Upset stomach and ulcers.


Stress is not a situation but a consequence. It is normal to feel stressed once in a while, but it is also good to look for professional help if you feel it’s getting out of your hands.

Our psychologists at Life Resolutions Footscray can help you managing stress better. With their help, you’ll learn some useful techniques, skills and strategies, including:
• Recognizing when and why we are feeling under pressure.
• Identifying triggers and warning signs.
• Creating healthier routines and reducing undesirable habits like smoking, alcohol and drug consumption.
• Finding activities that will help reduce stress, such as meditation and exercise.
• Changing negative self-talk to positive and helpful thinking.

To begin handling stress better, contact Life Resolutions Footscray today to book a counselling session.

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