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Workplace Injury

Physical injury in the workplace can be associated can also result in physiological trauma and stress.

Recovery from physical injury can be slow and frustrating, particularly when surgery and ongoing medical and allied health input is required.

While recuperating, people can feel physical and psychological pain, exhausted by workplace, medical and insurance red tape.

Significant time away from the workplace can impact on self-esteem, self-confidence and create apprehension about a safe return to work.

Psychological trauma including flashbacks, nightmares, emotional instability, being easily startled, depression, anxiety and an ongoing sense of dread are able to be resolved with professional care and assistance.

In other circumstances, individuals have done everything possible to return to a pre-injury health state, however, some injuries can be so severe and debilitating that leave no choice but to embark on a career change.

As approved WorkCover psychologists, we are able to assist you with:

    • Managing trauma related symptoms
    • Pain management
    • Self-management strategies
    • Developing a “personal safety plan” for safe return to work
    • Developing realistic and positive alternate career options

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