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The number of sessions you will need depends on your circumstances. The estimation below is only for those suffering from symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Therapy such as Cognitive Behavior therapy, cognitive mindfulness, and interpersonal therapy that deal with anxiety and depression generally need counselling ranging from 8 to 14 sessions. Clients may finish after 6 sessions, and they may extend these sessions for as long as deemed necessary. These all depend on the problems that you need to address, and the skills you want to develop. These sessions are best held fortnightly, and even weekly, for the most optimum progress.

Following this timeline, it may take about eight weeks for you to be competent at the skills that therapy is teaching you. It will take around this much time as well for you to comprehend the model within reason. You may also notice that it’s between this time that you can experience reduction of your symptoms. Extending sessions to up to 12 weeks may have some clients even experience a remission of symptoms. During these last few sessions, clients may continue practicing the skills they have learned throughout counselling.

Some severe cases of anxiety or depression may take longer than 12 weeks to resolve, which is normal for these situations. Some patients may take 14 to 16 weeks with occasional sessions during the first year in order to “reinforce” the skills they have learned. Some “booster” sessions may be recommended as well to reduce the risk of relapse and provide “refreshers” that help make use of core skills.

Couples, like individuals, experience a different combination of goals and issues in their respective relationships. Regardless, the number of sessions that are required for couples in distress can take approximately 26 hours in a year in order to help them understand their issues.

Some studies also show that two-thirds of couples in distress that commit to 26 sessions in a year can show improvements in their relationships after 5 years. This is granted there are 6 monthly follow-up sessions to support their current counselling. Non-distressed couples can also benefit from 14 hours of therapy.

Of course. We practice techniques to help you become self-sufficient and help modify our sessions so that you can better become independent. We encourage you to back once or twice a year however to “refresh” your skills with “boosters.”

We reserve your sessions for only you, and no other clients will be booked on our time with you. As such, we request that you provide notice for cancellations and reschedules at least 48 hours ahead. If you give notice in less than 24 hours, there are full cancellation fees that you should pay for.

As such, if more than two reschedules and/or two cancellations have occurred, we will have to speak with you regarding the availability of your future appointments. This is especially if your appointments are placed on the evening or weekend time slots.

We are conveniently located at Suite 6/82 Meadowlands Road, Carindale, QLD 4152, Australia.

If you are bringing your car along, we actually have plenty of parking for you. Please enter the building through the carpark and take a seat in our reception area. Your assigned practitioner will be greeting you at your allotted time. If you haven’t been greeted after 10 minutes, you can call our reception at 1300 668 256.