Mary Magalotti – the Life Resolutions Principal Psychologist

Mary Magalotti is the principal psychologist at Life Resolutions, a position she has held since the foundation of the clinic in 2001. As a passionate and respected psychologist, Mary has dedicated her career to helping people to improve their mental wellbeing and to fighting the taboo of having a mental illness in Australia.

An important Life Lessons from Mary Magalotti’s 19 Years at Life Resolutions

With over 19 years of experience in the psychology industry, Mary Magalotti has learned a few important lessons about business and life. However, one of them stands out among all others.

“It’s all about the people.”

One of the most important lessons Mary has learned throughout her career at Life Resolutions is that it all comes down to the people. Having skilled and passionate people on your team that you can trust is the difference between success and failure. Therefore, finding the right team is integral.

mary magalotti

Finding the right people for Life Resolutions

Through her years of experience, Mary has developed a rigorous process to help her to find the right people to welcome into the Life Resolutions team. One of the key lessons here is to dedicate the time and resources to finding the perfect employees and business partners and investing in them with the knowledge that they are the right person for the role.

Mary Magalotti on finding the right people for your business

By going through this process hundreds of times, Mary Magalotti has identified a few elements to focus on when choosing the right people.

  1. Be clear on motivations – identify their key motivators, and whether these align with your business.
  2. Set expectations early – this sets clear distinctions on the role of each person in the business relationship and creates grounds for open communication.
  3. Back up assumptions with proof – utilise all your resources to help in making an informed decision, avoid relying on intuition.
  4. When in doubt stick to the process – do not settle for someone simply due to lack of a better option, wait for the right candidate or reassess your strategy, this is always better than investing valuable resources in the wrong person.

Finally, once you have found the right candidate, it is crucial to ensure effective and open communication is maintained throughout the business relationship. This reduces the risk of problems occurring later down the track and will assist both parties in achieving their business objectives.