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With so much uncertainty in the world, our fellow Australian’s need mental health support now more than every. With this growing demand, we are looking to bring a few more team members onto our team. As the needs are so broad we are recruiting for a provisional psychologist job in Melbourne, a registered or clinical psychologist job in Melbourne as well a a Telehealth psychologist job Australia wide.

We offer attractive and flexible employment conditions for individuals who share our business principles and enthusiasm for helping people to improve their lives.


Life Resolutions - Your local psychologist

Not everyone in this world takes the time to take care of their mental health.

Some might think that isn’t important and to some, they just don’t have the time to think about it and how they function as a whole. Because of these reasons, people – and you could be one of them – may end up keeping problems to themselves thinking or hoping that all of these difficulties will go away in time or will not affect them in any way. Or they may put things in the proverbial “Too hard basket”. But people who have this kind of idea have got it all wrong.

Mental health is vital to anyone’s well-being. It affects how you think and behave, and if your mental health is not at its best, chances are, you may have difficulties making everyday decisions, or other quite important decisions about your life. This is one thing that Life Resolutions Huntingdale strives to achieve – that every individual will become more aware of the importance of their mental health and we will seek to assist them to provide solutions to our clients’ unique problems and the challenging situations they find themselves in.

As M. Scott Peck writes in his classic book “The Road Less Travelled”:

No act is more unnatural, and hence more human than the act of psychotherapy.  For by this act we deliberately lay ourselves open to the deepest challenge from another human being, and even pay the other for the service of scrutiny and discernment. …Entering psychotherapy is an act of the greatest courage. The primary reason people do not undergo psychotherapy is not that they lack the money but that they lack the courage. (p. 41-42.)

Life Resolutions Huntingdale

Here at Life Resolutions Huntingdale, we seek to ensure that our clients live a more fulfilled life by applying our client-based psychological approaches. We believe in the power of our clients and what they can do for themselves in the long run.

We recognise that our clients might (inadvertently) steer themselves away from achieving success in their life, but we believe that with the use of appropriate therapeutic techniques, taking into account a client’s individual circumstances, clients will find (with our assistance) their way to have a more meaningful life.

Follow Life Resolutions mission by our director Jodie Brenton,  Life Resolutions Huntingdale, we seek to ensure that the treatments we offer clients are suited to their goals, both short-term and long-term.

Our client-centered approach is something that we continuously take pride in, as this continually motivates us to improve our services to clients. Even with years of experience, regularly participating in professional development to further enhance psychological best practice is normal practice.

We are looking after your well-being

When you decide to seek professional services from us, you can be sure that we will tailor your assistance to your situation. Whether it’s recovering from the end of a relationship (whether de-facto or a formal marriage), addiction (to alcohol or illicit drugs), anxiety (e.g. social anxiety like difficulty going out in public), or depression (e.g having extreme difficulty with motivation for everyday tasks) or adjustment to other changes in your life. We at Life Resolutions Huntingdale, are always more than willing to help you and our skills are at your disposal.

We have helped many clients in the past from many different backgrounds and demographics. With those aged from teenagers through to those in their nineties. It also includes assisting; Those from non-English speaking backgrounds; Lesbian and Gay clients; Tradespeople, Shop and Trade assistants through to Executives: FIFO (Fly-In-fly-Out) workers; Widows and Widowers; Sole parents; You name the variation and we’ve quite possibly seen them as clients.

We regularly deal with issues about substance abuse, relationships, trauma, anger, anxiety and depression. Whatever the problems you as the client are going through, we will seek to work out the best plan for your recovery.

Our services are geared to helping you achieve your goals, regardless of whether you’re having troubles with yourself, work, relationships, friends, and family or a combination of these potential stressors. We will closely work with you to understand what you’re going through and provide professional help which you can apply in your situation.

We provide the right environment for you

About Life Resolutions

Life Resolutions psychologists  understands that some of the time, seeking help can become a difficult process for people. There are instances when we get to talk to people and find out that they have been going through the same issues for a long time and they didn’t feel ready to talk about their concerns. It may have taken them months and in some cases, even years before they made “the choice” to finally see someone or schedule a session with a therapist.

As Matthew Johnstone is quoted elsewhere on this website, from his book “The Little Big Book of Resilience” (which is worth repeating in this setting) he suggests that:

When considering a mental health profession, think of it like shopping for a good pair of shoes; it should feel like the right fit. If you are going to tell a stranger your problems, you should feel like you are in a place of sanctuary. 

They are not there to be your friend, they are not there to judge, to criticise or to make you do things you don’t want to do.

It’s a professional relationship where empathy, support and understanding combined with a solid plan toward recovery and well-being should all make for a positive outcome. 

Given our nature as therapists, we aim to work collaboratively with you, as our client. We can provide coaching to work towards your different goals in different facets of your life whether it’s about personal or professional growth. Everything we offer you is based on what your issues are, so you don’t have to worry about a certain method or therapy not being applicable to your situation.

In his classic book “The Road Less Travelled” M. Scott Peck notes:

…that commitment is the cornerstone of the psychotherapeutic relationship. It is almost impossible for a patient to experience significant personality growth without a “therapeutic alliance” with the therapist. In other words, before the patient can risk major change he or she must feel the strength and security that come from believing that the therapist is the patient’s constant and stable ally. (p. 106).

No matter what your social or workforce status, age, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation, Life Resolutions Huntingdale will be creating an environment for your which is unbiased and non-discriminatory.

You can be comfortable with us once you decide to open up about your innermost emotions. We are professional practitioners of psychology here at Life Resolutions Huntingdale - and you will experience professionalism all throughout your journey with us. You can be sure that every detail you’ll share with us will be kept confidential at all times (subject to the usual legal principle that if we feel you are a danger to yourself or others, we are legally required to break confidentiality, e.g. to get Police to do a “security check”). You will be given the best service we can, without compromising your recovery.

If you are interested in getting to know more about Life Resolutions Huntingdale and the services we can offer you, please feel free to keep looking around our website or contact us. Our customer service representatives will be more than happy to answer your queries. In the unlikely event, that they don’t know the answer to your question, they will pass on a message to us.  We look forward to working with you!

Please phone 1300 668 256 to make a booking or seek answers to any queries you may have.