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In the past I’ve referred to myself as having a “benevolent curiosity” in that I find it interesting to find out how people got to where they are in life and like the opportunity to help them make sense of that.

I often say, (and clients report) that it can be useful to talk with someone who is “a few steps removed” who is not otherwise involved in their life. Also, client’s like the idea that they can talk with someone that has a wide range of life experiences. I have worked in both factory and office settings before training to be a psychologist.

Also since starting on the “long and windy road” to become a Psychologist, I’ve also worked in a range of therapeutic settings, that includes co-facilitating groups in the Domestic Violence and Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) field (at a Prison Farm). I also, on one occasion went to a remote FIFO minesite after a workplace accident.

Life Resolutions Huntingdale operates from 7 Bronzewing Street Huntingdale. Just around the corner from Warton Road, (which is about halfway between Garden Street and Forrest lakes Drive/Huntingdale Road). The 205 bus has a stop just around the corner. I operate from a room at the front of the Huntingdale-Thornlie Medical Centre.

Usual times are Tuesday from 1pm through to the last booking at 7.30pm. Also, Wednesday 9.30am to last appointment 4pm, two appointments Thursday evening and alternate Saturday mornings.

Our Approach

Common Issues

The sorts of issues I regularly deal with are pretty much the same at all locations. They can be;

  • Issues in relationships. i.e. with a spouse/partner (opposite or same-sex, live-in or not);
  • Relationships with your family, i.e. brothers, sisters or parents;
  • Depression, Anxiety and Stress, (common themes that come through GP referrals);
  • Being a Carer (either officially or unofficially) for someone else, e.g. parents or siblings;
  • Alcohol and other Drugs are also a common “presenting issue”;
  • Adjustment to changes in life, whether it is a death, a new job or responsibilities, the end of a significant relationship, or a change, like starting to do FIFO (Fly In Fly Out) work.

These are all things I assist clients with.

If any of these are of concern to you, ring my booking service on 1300 50 56 68, or make a booking via - available 24/7.

About Life Resolutions

About Life Resolutions

I like the opportunity to help people make sense of where they are in life and hopefully assist them to see a proverbial “light at the end of the tunnel”.

After Hours bookings.

Being able to offer bookings out of normal business hours (evenings and Saturday mornings) is something I feel benefits the local community. It came about because clients, or potential clients were asking about the availability of “after hours” appointments. I’d have (mainly) guys booked in for 4pm appointments, then get held up at work, or in traffic. They’d then turn up late and or flustered, i.e. not in a good state for doing our work together.

The location and its characteristics.

At Huntingdale I have the capability to see clients after hours, i.e. evening appointments (Tuesdays and Thursdays) as well as (alternate) Saturday mornings and the more usual daytime appointments.


The location has free parking onsite.