About Us

Part of the experience of life for everyone, is the possibility at some time or another of being faced with some sort of problems, that may include mental health problems.

For some of us, this can include battling depression, anxiety or issues about our relationships, whether these are in our personal or work lives (apart from anything else that could be of concern to you).

However, many people are reluctant to get help with their Mental Health issues. On the last page of his 2012 autobiography, Twists and Turns, Olympic diver Matthew Mitcham, after writing of his battles with; depression, self-esteem, recreational drug use, being picked on at school, coming out as Gay at 15, the many and various other physical and psychological challenges he has experienced to get where he is today, Matthew writes:

“I can’t stress enough the benefit of reaching out. A problem shared is a problem halved. If I had known then that you can’t do it by yourself and that it is actually a sign of strength to ask for help, I would have done it. As a teenager l thought l knew everything, and apparently, I didn’t.

Actually, the older I get, the more I realize how much I still have to learn and experience and do. This is only the first chapter of my life, but if the first 24 years are anything to go by, I’m looking forward to seeing how the rest of the story goes…”

For many people the idea of seeking professional help for mental health issues, is something they would prefer not to do because they are worried what others may think. This is one stigma that Life Resolutions Huntingdale strives to change.

It should also be remembered that your relationship with your Life Resolutions Huntingdale psychologist is a professional confidential one (including that you are a client). Therefore, what is said in the counselling setting stays in the counselling room (with a few standard exceptions – basically that if you are a risk to yourself or others it may be necessary to break confidentiality).

Here at Life Resolutions Huntingdale, we work with our clients to try to ensure that all clients mental issues are taken care of. Regardless if these issues are about their relationships, addiction, and well-being, or other concerns. Our team will provide tailored-fit solutions made especially for the individual. All of our solutions are made for our clients’ unique problems and situations, and our team will work hand in hand with the client to ensure that all of these are implemented accordingly. Our clients will never work alone once they seek help from us. There will be professionals who will work with them at every stage of the progress while seeking to ensure that they may be able to meet their short-term and long-term goals.

Who We Are

Regardless of what your dilemma is right now, your therapist from Life Resolutions Huntingdale will work with you and take care of your case.

Your therapist is also regularly engaging in ongoing professional development with new and best practices in psychology. We understand how fast-paced the world is, and that includes the services we give to our clients. We won’t let you go through a process if it’s not helpful in your case. At Life Resolutions Huntingdale, we seek to make sure that everything is a tailored-fit for your needs, without compromising the goal to achieve your dreams. All of the solutions we provide you are made accordingly to your problems, so you can be sure that all of these will be suited for you.

Once you decide to Life Resolutions Huntingdale, your case will be treated with confidentiality, and you’d be taken care of by a professional in the field. You’d be given the service that you deserve throughout the entire process. Our solutions are client-centered; all of our solutions are all about you – your needs, your wants, your goals and well-being. These are basically the things we focus on for our team to come up with solutions for your long-term recovery.

But even with years of experience in this industry, the therapists handling your case can also become your mentor too! You can ask questions of your psychologist whenever there are processes which are unclear or too vague for you. We will be more than happy to walk you through the processes that will be applied. We’ll take the time to educate you about what’s going to happen and what to expect during and after the sessions.

Our Unique Approach

Yes, there might be a lot of organizations which offer similar services to ours, but we can guarantee you that your therapist’s particular combination of life experience and range of workplace experience in “Blue collar ” and “White collar” settings, (some of them quite “challenging” like co-facilitating an Alcohol and other Drug program in a prison farm setting as well as a similar role in a Domestic Violence group) combined with his training is unique. We also recognize that because of the individual circumstances about you and your case, the approach we are implementing in each case also varies. We understand how unique the human being is, the same goes for the approach we do in each of our clients. To give you an overview, our approach works this way:

During the first sessions, the therapist will normally ask a few questions about your background and what brings you to seek professional help. All of these things are essential for our Psychologist to determine how and when we should offer our assistance without causing too many adjustments in your life. The phase is also important because the information that we’ve gathered will be used as a basis for the solutions we will be implementing in your case.

If you visited us with a referral from your general practitioner, you and the therapist could discuss thoroughly what is in the referral, but if you don’t have any referral, we might encourage you to get one if the situation calls for it.

During your first session, we will usually discuss what you hope to get of your sessions and how our team can help you meet those expectations. There will be two-way communication during this phase – you get to air out what do you want after the sessions, and in return, we will also inform you of what you should do to make these sessions successful.

Depending on the circumstances, we will work out how often should we meet for your sessions. We can meet on a weekly, bi-monthly and even monthly with longer breaks later. It all depends on your availability, your needs, and circumstances so that the team will adjust session frequency and times accordingly.

When you decide to work with Life Resolutions Huntingdale, you should expect that the sessions will not solely involve you, talking to your therapist – it’s more than that. Often, it will be suggested you read handouts, books and even watch movies. It may also be suggested getting involved in activities such as yoga, regularly going for a walk around the block or joining a social group. Whatever is suggested can be expected will help you get through your issues.

It is often said that it is not just the time you spend with your therapist that makes the difference, it is also the time in between sessions spent thinking about what is discussed and the activities suggested and done between sessions that can also make a big difference.

This is our unique approach when dealing with clients. As you can see, everything is client-centered. The client plays a big role in the success of the therapies and for these to work, you as the client, should expect to be cooperative and also exert time and effort.

Our Core Belief

Yes, we might be dealing with a lot of clients, but we guarantee that every client that we work with is attended to. We don’t just treat our clients as mere clients, but we look at them as people whom we build relationships with – professional relationships which are empathetic to the clients and we seek to make positive ongoing changes in people’s lives. We like to think that we don’t move forward by standing still and doing things the same way we always have.