Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol and Drugs Even when you’re still young, you may resort to alcohol and drug use whenever things don’t go according to plan or whenever you’re stressed. You may think that this is your easiest


Reoccurring feelings of nervousness, dread, distress and uneasiness in certain situations create an overall state of anxiety. By closely examining the causes and setting a plan to move forward with your psychologist can help you overcome this mental state.

Become a Confident Gay/Lesbian Person

Becoming A Confident Gay/Lesbian Person For young people (as well as those who discover their same-sex attractions later in life)  “Coming Out” as a Lesbian or Gay person can be a difficult process, for a

Blokes Stuff

Blokes Stuff It’s not uncommon for blokes to “put off” getting professional help with their difficulties (whether it is physical or mental health) till the proverbial “S&$% hits the fan”. Common examples of men’s issues

Couples Difficulties Opposite & Same Sex

Couples Difficulties Opposite and Same Sex When you engage in a relationship, no matter with whom, you would always want it to last. You want this relationship to make a positive impact in your life,


Sometimes referred to as “The Black Dog” or “The Blues” is a condition that can impact those from privileged places in society like Prince Harry and sports people like Ian Thorpe and Serena Williams as well as (no doubt) those in your own circle of family, friends and others in your circle.

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence First of all – If you are in immediate danger call 000 or the WA Police on 13 14 44. You may open your television, and the only news you seem to notice

FIFO Challenges

FIFO Challenges  Working in a FIFO (Fly In Fly Out) or DIDO (Drive In Drive Out) role can have its challenges. Men and Women start working in a FIFO or DIDO role for any number

Grief & Loss

Grief and Loss Dealing with Grief and Loss are a normal part of the Human Condition. Sometimes you can see the “Train wreck” coming, (like in a case of a long-term illness,) other times it comes as a

Prepare-Enrich Relationship Enhancement Program

Prepare-Enrich Relationship Enhancement Program Marriage and partner relationships are a serious business. It’s a different kind of relationship apart from anything else, because there are legalities involved (for both de facto and even more so

Workplace Difficulties

Workplace Difficulties We can spend a large proportion of our lives at work. Unfortunately this can also be  a setting where negative behaviours can occur. These can include bullying, harassment, isolation, discrimination and other negative