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Alcohol and Drugs

Even when you’re still young, you may resort to alcohol and drug use whenever things don’t go according to plan or whenever you’re stressed. You may think that this is your easiest escape to “get away” once in a while. While you’re growing up, (or even later) you may realize that alcohol and drugs didn’t only become your stress reliever, but you’ve been using these on a daily basis. Hopefully you know how dangerous these are, especially to your health but no matter how hard you try, giving up an addiction isn’t easy (even if you do admit you have an addiction). You may have tried countless times but failed always.

How can you battle addiction on your own?

You might have attempted to fight off your addiction but to no avail. And most of the time, your unsuccessful attempts can be because you don’t know what you’re doing in the first place. The following tips might be helpful for you:

  1. You should simplify your goals: Setting a goal is good but setting a realistic goal is better. Don’t expect that you can change your life in one day or a week because that goal isn’t achievable at all. Instead, you should understand that letting go of an addiction is not that easy, so your objectives should be composed of short-term and long-term goals. For example, you can start off by setting a goal of not using alcohol and drugs for a day. And if this is successful, you can continue doing this for a week, and a month. Slow and steady is the best way to go.
  2. You should create reminders: When you don’t remind yourself what you’re doing and where you’re heading, chances are, you’d be reverting to your old self in no time. To prevent yourself from going in that direction, you can create reminders for yourself. You can put notes in your fridge, in your mirror, create an alert on your phone and even tell a friend about it. These simple gestures can go a long way to help you stay on track and gradually achieve your goals.
  3. You should try to get rid of temptation: Throw away any alcohol or drugs found in your home. Be ready to dispose of all of these. Change your schedule and make sure that you don’t go to any occasions which you know you’d be tempted to drink or to use drugs. And most importantly, stay away from friends who are not helping you in your recovery. (This may mean deleting numbers from your mobile phone of people who “facilitate” alcohol or drug use.) They may be your friends, but if they’re not supportive of your attempts to battle addiction, you should minimize meeting with them. During this phase, you need motivation and not temptation.

But if you think none of these work for you, it’s best to seek professional help right away.

How can we help you?

Turning over a new leaf to finally get away from your addiction is not an easy thing to do. If you’ve been addicted to alcohol and drug abuse, changing for the better will not come overnight – it’s a tedious process with the potential for a few relapse’s along the way. (This is fairly normal.) But you don’t have to work on this progress solely. Here at Life Resolutions Huntingdale, we can assure you that we’re here to help you in every phase of your recovery. You’ll never have to battle your addiction alone as we can provide you the professional help that you need.

Once you work with Life Resolutions Huntingdale, you’ll be working with trained psychologists. Our team will provide you with tailored-fit solutions made especially for your situation and for your lifestyle. All of these will contribute to your long-term recovery.

Where is Our Alcohol and Drugs Service Located?

We are conveniently located 7 Bronzewing Street, Huntingdale 6110.

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