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Becoming A Confident Gay/Lesbian Person

For young people (as well as those who discover their same-sex attractions later in life)  “Coming Out” as a Lesbian or Gay person can be a difficult process, for a whole range of reasons.

It is widely recognized that for a Gay or Lesbian person, “Coming out” or accepting their own homosexual orientation is a positive, affirming  and ongoing process.

However, because of your own “Coming Out” concerns or experiences, you may be living your life in a shell, and lost the confidence to live openly as a Gay or Lesbian person.

But you shouldn’t feel you have to take everything on yourself.

How can we help you?

Getting professional help, from someone experienced in dealing with the challenges of a Gay or Lesbian life can make this transition much easier.

We understand that what you’re going through may be difficult – people may be judging you for everything that you do and some of the time, you may feel isolated from the rest of the world.

But you don’t have to go through all of this alone.

Here at Life Resolutions Huntingdale, you can be assured that your individual circumstances and longer-term wishes will be taken into account.

When you decide to work with us, you’ll be provided with solutions which will help you become a more confident Lesbian or Gay man.

How can you reach us?

If you would like to know more about how we can assist you to become a more confident Lesbian or Gay man you can contact us on 1300 668 256, or make a booking 24/7 via our listings on

We will be pleased to connect and work with you in a professional way.

Where is Our Become a Confident Gay/Lesbian Person Service Located?

We are conveniently located 7 Bronzewing Street, Huntingdale 6110.

To find out how we can help call today on 1300668256