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Unlike women, men don’t always want others to know that they’re going through some problems. As much as they can, men may opt to keep everything to themselves for fear of being judged by others or to be seen as someone who’s “weak.” Many of us have had the idea “drilled into us” from a very young age that we can’t be seen as “weak” – this campaign add from the “Man Up” TV series is what it’s all about.

But if you’re a man reading this, you may have to admit that life isn’t always as smooth as you wanted it to be. There may well be problems along the way. The excellent ABC documentary series “Man Up” was about these sorts of issues (and you can watch all the episodes on the Man Up website).

But you don’t have to keep that facade that you’re tough all the time. You may just need to be selective as to when you “let your guard down”. But the good thing is that you don’t have to face life’s difficulties alone.

There are a lot of platforms and people out there which can help you. There are groups like “Mates in Construction” or “Mates in Mining”, apart from the Australian Men’s Shed Association (which seems to be mainly retired blokes).

What are the most common examples of men’s issues?

Just because you’re a man, doesn’t mean that you’re immune from experiencing any problems that life might throw at you. On the contrary, as a man, you can expect to go  through some tough issues once in a while. And some of these might include:

  1. Depression: Men are often silent most of the time, (certainly about their feelings and innermost thoughts) but that doesn’t necessarily mean that everything is going well with their lives. They may be going through problems every day. Worse, their depression might be taking a toll on them, and other people around them and they just don’t notice it or want to admit it.
  2. Using alcohol or drugs to deal with problems: This can be one way of dealing with your difficulties, but can create its own issues, e.g. if there are random drug tests at work, or you are still “recovering” when you go to work and may risk your own or other’s safety.
  3. Violence: Men might have this “macho” image, but they are still susceptible to experience violence. Men can also become victims of violence, just like everyone else. How and when violence is inflicted on men might be different, but for sure, they too get hurt and are violated physically and emotionally.
  4. Work and wages: Often, there is a mismatch between a man’s education and his job. It’s either he’s underqualified or overqualified for his job. And because men may be providing for a family financially, earning less than what they deserve can become an issue for men. This can become the root of bigger problems. There can also be issues in the workplace of various kinds, like one bloke always wanting to be the “top dog” or issues about bullying or other unfair work scenarios, that may be difficult to deal with.

The problems men are facing can be more than this. They are only human beings, and they also experience the difficulties any human being would face in life.

What are the common symptoms of bloke problems?

Facing problems in life is normal even if you’re a man. But when you’re experiencing too many problems all at once, your life might be affected in the long run. If you’ve been experiencing any of these, it might be high time for you to seek professional help right away:

  1. You isolate yourself from everything and everyone: You do this because you think no one understands you and people around you would just judge you for the things that you can and can’t do. You’d rather be in the comforts of your own home or “hiding” in your shed or “Man Cave” than be out there amongst others.
  2. You can’t decide on anything: You always want different things all the time that’s why you can’t make up your mind. You might have thought of one thing but ends up going after another option.

You keep grudges against other people: But you know very well how to disguise and hide it. Even if the argument happened years ago, you still have no plans of making amends with the party involved. Again, having problems is typical for men. But when these problems start to consume and gradually become the focus of your life, you should seek professional help right away.

How can we help you?

As a man, it’s normal for you to go through some challenges in life and yes, not having the confidence to share it with anyone else is also typical. But you don’t have to keep  everything to yourself.  Consultations at Life Resolutions Huntingdale are confidential (except for the very rare times we are legally required to breach confidentiality). We, at Life Resolutions Huntingdale, can assure you that you’ll never need to go through all of these challenges alone. We will try to understand what you’re going through and we’ll create an environment which will allow you to voice your innermost feelings (if you wish to) with less hesitations.

Blokes often report that they like the idea of talking with another bloke (in a confidential setting) who is a “few steps removed” and may be able to help them see the “wood for the trees”.

They also report that they like how at Life Resolutions Huntingdale, you have the option of bookings in the evening or on Saturday mornings.

If you think you may benefit from talking in this sort of setting, it could be time to “bite the bullet”, and or talk to your GP about a referral (although you don’t need a referral for a consultation, it would mean you can get a Medicare rebate) and then phone us on 1300 668 256 to make a booking.

Where is Our Blokes Stuff Service Located?

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