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Couples Difficulties Opposite and Same Sex

When you engage in a relationship, no matter with whom, you would always want it to last. You want this relationship to make a positive impact in your life, and not do the opposite. You started the relationship in the first place to help you get through life, to have a companion and to share important moments with – and you should strive for your relationship to continually have this purpose in your life. But if things are starting to take a turn for the worse, something has to be done. If you and your partner have experienced difficulties in the relationship, you should do something about it immediately.

What are the common problems faced by couples of the same and opposite sex?

Whether your relationship involves the same or opposite sex, there will always be difficulties along the way. You can’t expect that everything in your relationship will run smooth all the time. Here are some of the most common problem faced by couples of the same and opposite sex:

  1. Lack of communication: Regardless who are the people involved in the relationship, communication is essential. It’s the avenue for both of you speak and iron out things. If there’s no communication in the relationship, one single argument could become the root of other arguments in the future..
  2. Deciding to have a child together: When you’re in a relationship, either with a same or opposite sex partner, bearing a child is challenging. There are a lot of things to consider. For same sex couples, the available mediums for you to do this are also limited and probably very expensive.
  3. Having too much time for each other, none for individual growth: When you’re in a relationship for years, your daily routine would always include your partner. It might sound very romantic at first, but once you’ve become too accustomed to this kind of set-up, you often forget about yourself, and you’ll end up focusing too much on your partner.
  4. Fighting over the same issues over and over again: Fighting in a relationship is normal, but fighting over the same issues repeatedly is unhealthy. This can be very stressful for the both of you.

If you’ve been in the above situation too often, it may be a telltale sign that you should exert time and effort to ensure that your relationship will work out. You shouldn’t wait for things to worsen over time. If you think your relationship needs help from other people, by all means, reach out to them. Don’t mum everything to yourself.

What can you do to improve the relationship?

You can do a lot of things to save your relationship or to get through the difficulties. You can start by:

  1. Talk whenever problems arise: And no, you shouldn’t do it when you’re at the peak of your emotions. Whenever you’re in an argument, you should take the time to calm yourself or your partner. Once both of you can think straight, talk about your differences and settle issues.
  2. Respect each other’s time: When your partner asks for time to be alone, respect his/her decision. When he/she decides to do something without you, show support and don’t hold him/her back.
  3. Seek professional help: If you’ve exhausted all of your efforts to work your relationship but to no avail, you should start to consider seeking professional help.

How can we help you?

Experiencing problems in the relationship is typical. But if the problems are becoming the center of your relationship day-in and day-out, you should seek professional help right away. This is where Life Resolutions Huntingdale can help you in your relationship. Our team is made up of professionals who can help you improve your relationship regardless if you have one with the opposite sex or the same sex. All of our solutions are tailored-fit for your problems, so you never have to worry about it not being applicable to you and your relationship.

For same-sex couples, there may be additional issues, that don’t apply for opposite sex couples.

Although there is now the possibility for same-sex couples to legally marry in Australia, this doesn’t mean that the psychological impact (on either the individual or the couple collectively) of decades of discrimination and less than equal treatment will disappear overnight.

This can include differences in the “coming out” process. By way of example, one half of the couple may be more “out” and comfortable with their sexuality than the other.

In addition there may also be denial by one or other of the families of origin (or individual members) of the existence of a “Gay” or “Lesbian” branch on the family tree.

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