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FIFO Challenges 

Working in a FIFO (Fly In Fly Out) or DIDO (Drive In Drive Out) role can have its challenges.

Men and Women start working in a FIFO or DIDO role for any number of reasons like;

1.      Liking (or feeling the need to earn) the high incomes;

2.      Wanting experience it may be difficult to get in other ways;

3.      Seeing it at as the only way “out of” a period of unemployment.

The reasons will probably be as varied as the individuals involved.


Some of the potential issues related to this way of working include;

1.      Missing “significant” events, e.g. birthdays, other “social” events and maintenance of friendships and family relationships;

2.      Adjusting to shift work after a “normal” Monday to Friday 9-5 job;

3.      Practical difficulties of “getting together” if trying to start a family.

How can we help you?

There are any number of ways we can be of assistance, these include;

  1. Appointments can be made for various times (during the day, in evenings or Saturday mornings) or make them 24/7 via HealthEngine;
  2. With good internet access onsite, you can use the option of Medicare Telehealthfor Psychologist consultations;
  3. Our psychologist has a combination of life experience in Blue and White collar settings;
  4. Bookings (including for Telehealth) can be made at short notice on  HealthEngine (up to an hour before the time, if available).

Your first step to resolving FIFO  or DIDO challenges could be to phone Life Resolutions Huntingdale on 1300 50 67 68 orif you are losing sleep over these issues you can even make a booking 24/7 via our listings on


Where is Our FIFO Challenges Service Located?

We are conveniently located 7 Bronzewing Street, Huntingdale 6110.

To find out how we can help call today on 1300668256