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Grief and Loss

Dealing with Grief and Loss are a normal part of the Human Condition. Sometimes you can see the “Train wreck” coming, (like in a case of a long-term illness,) other times it comes as a complete shock (like in the case of a death from an accident). Some examples of when grief and loss may impact on you include;

  • When someone close to you (a parent, brother, sister or spouse) dies after a long illness;
  • You lose your job without warning;
  • Someone you know dies in an accident, or for some other reason without warning;
  • Your pet dog or cat (your constant companion) is no longer there to keep you company;
  • Without any (obvious to you) warning, your spouse leaves you.

You might find yourself constantly thinking of what’s happened, you might be regularly distracted and unable to concentrate on what you should be doing.

Or not be your “usual self” and hibernate or stay at home avoiding other people and perhaps tend to “wallow” in your own sadness.

Although it is normal to have a period of adjustment after a loss, sometimes the support and assistance of friends and family is not what you need. It could be they are themselves suffering and making their own adjustments to the loss.

This could be the time to consider talking with a Psychologist from Life Resolutions Huntingdale.

The first step is to phone Life Resolutions Huntingdale on 1300 50 67 68 orif you are losing sleep over these issues you can even make a booking 24/7 via our listings on


Where is Our Grief & Loss Service Located?

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