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Prepare-Enrich Relationship Enhancement Program

Marriage and partner relationships are a serious business. It’s a different kind of relationship apart from anything else, because there are legalities involved (for both de facto and even more so for registered Marriages). And whenever problems arise in the marriage or relationship, you can’t simply expect to let go of that person and end everything.

When you’re married, or in a de facto relationship, we feel it is important to strive to make it work, because most of the time, a lot can be at stake – your career, your financial life, your mental health and most importantly, (when applicable) your children. That’s why when you decide to get married, or enter into a de facto relationship you should try to take all possible measures for you and your partner to be prepared for the potential joys and challenges ahead.

This is a case of where “prevention is better than cure” and where Prepare-Enrich can come in.

What is the Prepare-Enrich Relationship Enhancement Program?

This is a program that has been used by millions of couples around the world to help them identify the respective strengths and areas to work on in their relationship. Once they have this kind of information, it should be easier for couples to pinpoint what could cause difficulties and how they could build and strengthen their relationship.

This program is commonly done as part of marriage preparation and can be applied to both opposite and same-sex relationships. You don’t even need to be planning to marry to take advantage of the knowledge potentially to be gained from participation in the “Prepare-Enrich” program. It can also be used for those currently married, (as a sort of “tune-up”), those planning to marry, or be in a de facto relationship (either fairly new or more long-standing).

It should be noted that this is not “Couple Counselling”. However, this can be done separately afterwards, if this seems appropriate and wished, with the results from the Prepare-Enrich program potentially giving useful insights to assist in our work together.

So, what happens if you decide to engage in the “Prepare-Enrich” program?

If you decide to go through the Prepare-Enrich Relationship Enhancement Program, you can expect to follow the following steps to maximize the program’s benefits to your marriage or relationship:

  1. You and your partner will have an introductory session to explain the program in a bit of detail and complete administrative practicalities like arranging logins to the Prepare-Enrich website and a time and date for the “results” discussion;
  2. Both of you each separately complete an online instrument (without discussing each other’s answers till after the instrument is completed – No Cheating!). While also remembering that there are no “Right” or Wrong” answers and that this is not a “Test”;
  3. The confidential results are passed onto the psychologist as a basis for extended discussions with the couple, about areas of commonality and areas of difference and for potential growth.
  4. Many aspects of a couple’s relationship are covered during the couple’s session with the psychologist.

The process might sound simple, but this program can benefit your marriage or relationship in more ways than one. This is a small investment to your most significant relationship and a lot cheaper than a divorce, if small problems or differences are not dealt with or “nipped in the bud”.

What is the purpose of the program?

At first glance, you might think that this program is of little use to you and merely adds to the list of the things you have to think about and juggle before getting married. But if you want to ensure that your marriage will be fruitful, you and your partner should seriously consider participating in the Prepare-Enrich Relationship Enhancement Program.

The publishers of the program describe its goals as:

  • Help the couple explore their Relationship Strength and Growth Areas.
  • Prime couples for feedback on their relationship.
  • Promote honest and personalized dialogue about a couple’s relationship.
  • Explore their couple relationship and their families-of-origin using the Couple & Family Maps.
  • Help couples learn important skills in the areas of Communication, Conflict Resolution, Financial Management, and Stress Management.
  • Provide a personality assessment and comparison of the two individuals.
  • Increase insight and awareness in important areas such as Expectations, Sexuality, Spiritual Beliefs, Roles, and Personality Differences.
  • Help couples develop personal, couple, and family goals.

Yes, the Prepare-Enrich Relationship Enhancement Program can help you achieve these goals in your marriage or relationship, and these can become significant factors in determining the success of your marriage in the long run. For when the couple knows more clearly each other’s strengths and areas of difference (via an independent systematic examination), it’ll be easier to determine which areas could be worked on to strengthen the relationship for the future.

Engaging in the Prepare-Enrich program is a case of putting in time and effort to seek to ensure that your marriage or relationship will last beyond the excitement and joy of the Wedding day, or the first few weeks of co-habitation.

How can we help you?

We understand how stressful you can be when you’re preparing for your wedding – the wedding ceremony itself requires a lot of your time and attention for preparation. But while you’re pouring out resources to make a good impression on your wedding, you should also do the same with preparation for your marriage. One way to do that is by enlisting you and your partner to engage in the Prepare-Enrich Relationship Enhancement Program.

Yes, the processes involved might seem to require a bit of your time and participation, but you don’t have to worry because we, at Life Resolutions Huntingdale, will guide you in every single step of the way. We’ll be with you before, during and after the program to seek to make sure that you understand everything that you and your partner are going through. Ultimately – “Prepare-Enrich” is a small investment in strengthening and enhancing your most important relationship, phone 1300 668 256 to make a booking.

Where is Our Prepare-Enrich Relationship Enhancement Program Service Located?

We are conveniently located 7 Bronzewing Street, Huntingdale 6110.

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